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If salvation and help are to come, it is from the child, for the child is the constructor of man and so of society. The child is endowed with an inner power, which can guide us to a more enlightened future.
—Dr. Maria Montessori

As we near the end of another school year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the core values that drive our Montessori education at Keystone. Our commitment to fostering a peaceful and equitable world remains steadfast, and it is essential to underscore why Montessori education plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

At Keystone, we believe in empowering our students to become agents of change. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate global citizenship through meaningful service to the larger community. Central to our mission is the promotion of empathy, cultural awareness, and a sense of belonging among our students.

A cornerstone of Montessori education is peace education, which is intricately woven into our curriculum. Community service is an integral part of this philosophy, rooted in the fundamental question: "How can I help?" We encourage our students to identify and develop their unique talents and abilities, and to utilize them in service to others. This process involves self-reflection, an understanding of diverse needs, education about social issues, and a commitment to making a positive impact through action.

Community service begins at the earliest stages of our students' education and evolves in complexity and significance as they progress through our program. Even our youngest learners engage in acts of service within their classroom communities, while older students broaden their understanding of the world and its cultures. From performing acts of service within our school community to extending their efforts to the local, national, and global levels, our students embody Dr. Maria Montessori's belief that children hold the key to a peaceful future.

As we embark on the final months of the 2023/24 school year, rest assured that our commitment to nurturing global citizens remains unwavering. Together, we will continue to support our students as they grow into compassionate leaders, leaving a lasting legacy that impacts us all.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children's education and for being partners in our shared mission of creating a more peaceful and equitable world.

Within the child, lies the fate of the future.
-Dr. Maria Montessori

In Health & Peace,


In Health and Peace,

Laura Hertzler                            Stefan Linder
Head of School                          Associate Head of School





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