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From Ms. Laura's Desk

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the extra hustle and bustle that gets added to each day. Today, stop for a moment and picture some of your children’s first holiday seasons. In your mind do you see a small child in their PJs sitting in a huge pile of torn gift-wrap with a joyful smile? Do you picture the wonder on little faces in the glow of the candlelight? Those were the days! The days when children are young and the crinkly sound of wrapping paper is magical, boxes are more interesting than an actual gift, and where the memory making comes easy and the days are simple.

As our children grow older, time seems to slip by. Life feels busier and you may silently plead for time to slow down so you can savor each season with your children. It won’t be long until they are grown, and, personally, I sometimes feel the pressure to make our time together count - to create a memorable and magical holiday for my family. Although I sometimes long to do ALL the season has to offer, doing it ALL doesn’t mean that we’ll make MORE fond memories. In fact, I’m learning that the opposite is true. It’s in the rushing that we miss the magic.

Scaling back the extras may be the key to how we can uncover more room to savor, enjoy, and remember these holiday moments we have with our children. Here are a few ideas to help you dive into the warmth of the season and make it the most memorable yet.

• Do less. You don’t have to do more to invite the spirit of the holidays into your life.

•Plan ahead. Planning ahead leaves more energy for the things that matter most.

•Let go of perfection. Find joy and acceptance in doing things that are “good enough”.  

•Simple and quiet is okay.

•Snuggle on the couch and read books by the light of the Christmas tree.

•Sit with your kids at the kitchen table and drink hot cocoa. Talk and laugh with them.

•Spend less time in stores and more time at home.

•Focus less on gifts and more on the true spirit of the season.

•Make cookies just for you and them.

•Have more dinners at home instead of visiting busy restaurants.

•Drive around and look at holiday lights.

•Reminisce about old memories – tell family stories.

•Give the gift of experiences over things.

•Volunteer together at a place of need.

•Watch your favorite holiday movie together.

•Disconnect from social media for a day.

•Let them help! Invite your children to help decorate your home for the holidays, add the ingredients when you are baking, and even wrapping gifts.

In the spirit of the Season, I wish you peace and I thank you for your continued support of Keystone.

Happy Holidays!

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