Testimonials from Keystone Families

"My daughter has been at Keystone for seven years. This school fosters independence, social learning, and most of all, encourages the flame of the love of learning. So often in traditional school settings the rigid nature of the curriculum and the over-focus on "points" kills children's intrinsic motivation to learn, so that when they get to college the light in their eyes has gone out and they care only about grades. I'm so happy that this wonderful school exists, and that it goes through the upper levels. Montessori is not just for preschool--it's for all ages. We are also very grateful for how Keystone got us through the pandemic--attentive, flexible, distance learning, and excellent safety protocols. Thank you, Keystone, for keeping policies in place that allowed students to come back in person quickly, and stay safe while learning in person. I will be forever grateful." ~Rebecca B.

"We have been part of the Keystone Montessori School community since August 2017. My children are currently in upper elementary and the adolescent classrooms. We have been very happy and absolutely love our school. My children are happy and thriving in school. There has always been a great sense of family and community at Keystone that is not easy to find. I feel confident that the guides and staff have the childrens’ best interests in mind in all decisions they make. One of my children has an IEP and they have done so much to help him through their Special Education department. They truly want him to succeed. I have great confidence and trust in what they do. If anyone is searching for quality education that is not in a traditional classroom setting, I urge them to look into our school. It is a peaceful and pleasant environment where children don’t merely learn the standard, reading, writing, math, science, etc. They learn life skills, etiquette, manners, and how to be a part of something bigger than just themselves." ~Lauren M.

"This is a fun place to learn where our daughter has excelled. The staff are attentive, the environment is accommodating, and the community is strong." ~Amanda V.

"We have three children that attended Keystone. The oldest two attended since 2013. We had to move out of state, otherwise our kids would still be there. I also should include that two of our kids had IEPs. We have absolutely loved our time here. Keystone’s culture and staff is so welcoming. Our kids loved their teacher and staff support. Special thank you to Ms Eve, Ms Bethany, Ms Sara, Ms Katia, Ms Amie, Ms Stephanie and Ms Imelda. You are truly the best of the best! Thank you keystone for the years of educating, caring and keeping our children safe. We miss all you tremendously!" Gabi B.

"Keystone Montessori is exactly the experience I hoped for. Not only is it AMI certified, the teachers are so compassionate and supportive of the children. Right now the children are really loving their gardens and eating the fruits of their labors. I know the children are getting the attention they need to be a productive humans in society." ~Lauren R.

"Keystone is the educational experience that every child should have - a supportive environment that develops a sense of self-confidence, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. It is more than an academic setting because it touches the whole child." ~Betsy H.

"We love the supportive learning environment for the children. There is a focus on instilling a love of learning in the children. There are many parent workshops and presentations to address common issues that may occur at each stage of childhood development. The school is more than a place for teaching and learning." ~Eric C

"We have been parents at Keystone Montessori for over nine years and this is the only school that both of our kids have attended. We believe Keystone has provided our children with the perfect blend of social, emotional and intellectual development. The Keystone staff and teachers have done a remarkable job in fostering the intellectual curiosity coupled with emotional maturity in our kids that we believe have prepared them for their next steps of high school and then college."

"We came to Keystone for the authentic Montessori education.  We fell in love with Keystone Montessori when we realized it was more than just a school, it was a community."

"We looked around at every school before our eldest started kindergarten. Once my husband and I visited Keystone Montessori, we stopped looking. We have now been a part of the school for six years. Our children, ages 10, 8 and 2 love the school. The teachers' commitment to our kids development, happiness and success and the freedom to choose and follow their own passion, are some of the many reasons of why we love Keystone. It takes a village to raise a child, and Keystone is the living example of a community working together for the future of each child."  

"Keystone Montessori has provided my children with a warm and nurturing environment in which to develop their love of learning.  The teachers, staff, and parent community all work together to ensure our children receive an outstanding education that focuses not only on academics, but also on grace, courtesy, and respect for their community. We love Keystone!"

"We have been a part of the Keystone Montessori family for 7 years and love every moment of it. My son started as a toddler and is now in his 2nd year of elementary. He is excited to come to school everyday and misses it during holiday breaks. We are blessed to be a part of a community like Keystone."

"We have been a part of the Keystone Montessori Community for 5 years. Our daughter started as a toddler and is now a first grader. Our son has been eagerly awaiting his turn to go to school and just began this fall. The school and staff have blown our expectations away; we recommend Keystone to everyone we know because it has been such a remarkable experience for our children. They thoroughly love school and more importantly love to learn!"

"We have been a part of the Keystone community for over 4 years now, and we absolutely love it! Our oldest son started at 18 months old and is in kindergarten now. The amount of growth and learning we have seen in him is amazing. Our 2 year old son is in one of the toddler classrooms and he loves going to school everyday! The entire staff is caring and beyond exceptional!"

"We have been a part of the Keystone family for nearly 6 years. We have had an amazing experience. My kids have had so many adventures with loving and caring teachers. I believe a Montessori education provides the best atmosphere for developing character and social skills. We love it here!"

"We have been part of the keystone family for almost 4 years. To say it's a great school is an understatement. The teachers and staff are sincere and caring towards the children. The campus is very beautiful and promotes a learning environment unlike any other. Montessori education in itself is wonderful; Keystone takes it to a whole new level of amazing."

"I have peace in my heart each day when I drop off my daughter at school because I know when I return at the end of the day she will have had a day filled with wonderful learning experiences. The Keystone community is made up of such lovely people. I feel blessed to have found such an amazing school!"