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Photo of Laura Hertzler

Laura Hertzler

Head of School

Ms. Laura joined Keystone in 2011. Ms. Laura is responsible for the school's vision...

Photo of Stefan Linder

Stefan Linder

Associate Head of School

Mr. Stefan joined Keystone in 2002. He earned his Bachelor of Education from Feder...

Photo of Gina Giorsetto

Gina Giorsetto

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Gina joined Keystone in 2021. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Early C...

Photo of Heather Bonacorda

Heather Bonacorda

Admissions and Marketing Director

Ms. Heather joined Keystone in 2019. She holds an American Montessori Society Early Chi...

Photo of Michael Cho

Michael Cho

Facilities Manager

Mr. Mike joined Keystone in 2021. He is orignally from South Korea and came t...

Photo of Sue Smith

Sue Smith

Office Manager

Ms. Sue joined Keystone in 2004. Ms. Sue maintains students’ registration, attend...

Photo of Kristin Morgan

Kristin Morgan

Business Manager: Aspire Business Consultants

Kristin Morgan joined Keystone in 2016 and assists the school with business office func...

Photo of Liza Prince

Liza Prince

Special Education Director

Ms. Liza joined Keystone in 2023.  Ms. Liza spent 19 years as the Special Edu...

Photo of Melissa Sutton

Melissa Sutton

Development Director: Abundance Journey Consulting

Ms. Melissa joined Keystone in 2018. She is responsible for the Sustaining Fund and Tax...

Photo of Abby van Vianen

Abby van Vianen

Adolescent Guide - AZ Eagles

Ms. Abby joined Keystone in 2021. She earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Ed...

Photo of Alejandra Padilla

Alejandra Padilla

Support Staff

Ms. Alejendra joined keystone in 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in Advert...

Photo of Amie Allor

Amie Allor

Elementary Guide - Red-tailed Hawks

Ms. Amie joined Keystone in 2003. She holds an American Montessori Society Elementary c...

Photo of Aly Micheau

Aly Micheau

Elementary Extended Care Support Staff

Ms. Aly joined Keystone in 2023. Ms. Aly is a Keystone alumni and graduated in 202...

Photo of Ana Zikic

Ana Zikic

Elementary & Adolescent Art Guide & Yoga Instructor

Ms. Ana joined Keystone in 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine ...

Photo of Anasazi Brewton

Anasazi Brewton

Toddler Guide - Agaves

Ms. Anasazi joined Keystone in 2021.  She holds a master's degree in Bili...

Photo of Anny Aziz

Anny Aziz

Children's House Bilingual Assistant - Palos Verdes

Ms. Anny joined Keystone in 2019. She holds a bachelor's degree in physical th...

Photo of Bahareh Kompani

Bahareh Kompani

Elementary Assistant - Great Horned Owls

Ms. Bahareh joined Keystone in 2015. She has an associate's degree in Computer...

Photo of Barbara Rosales

Barbara Rosales

Special Education Clerical Support Staff

Ms. Barbara joined Keystone in 2022. She has a nursing assistant diploma from Broo...

Photo of Bethany Mulcahy

Bethany Mulcahy

Classroom Support

Ms. Bethany joined Keystone in 2023. She is an Arizona native originally from Tucson. I...

Photo of Blanca Villalobos

Blanca Villalobos

Children’s House Guide - Prickly Pears

Ms. Blanca joined Keystone in 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Educatio...

Photo of Chelsei Winstead

Chelsei Winstead

Toddler Assistant - Agaves

Ms. Chelsei joined Keystone in 2021. She has a certificate in Veterinary Medicine ...

Photo of Christina Bergstrom

Christina Bergstrom

Special Education Teacher

Ms. Christina joined Keystone in 2022. She has a Bachelor of Science in both Special Ed...

Photo of Daniela Lopez

Daniela Lopez

Children's House Assistant - Prickly Pears

Ms. Daniela joined Keystone in 2021. She is originally from Mexico City, Mexico and has...

Photo of Danielle Ghorayeb

Danielle Ghorayeb

Support Staff

Ms. Danielle has worked at Keystone since 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree ...

Photo of Deisy Mora Gutierrez

Deisy Mora Gutierrez

Children's House Bilingual Assistant - Prickly Pears

Ms. Deisy joined Keystone in 2023. She is originally from Merida, Venezu...

Photo of Dove Hynek

Dove Hynek

Special Education Teacher

Ms Dove joined the Keystone Montessori in 2023. She holds a dual bachelor's degree ...

Photo of Gerry DeLaTorre

Gerry DeLaTorre

Music Specialist

Mr. Gerry joined Keystone in 2009. He holds a degree in Business Administration from th...

Photo of Gilda O'Campo Hus

Gilda O'Campo Hus

Elementary Assistant - Diamondbacks

Ms. Gilda joined Keystone in 2023, and is an Arizona native. Ms. Gilda h...

Photo of Imelda Urbiztondo

Imelda Urbiztondo

Children’s House Guide - Palos Verdes

Ms. Imelda joined Keystone in 2002. She holds a Bachelor degree in Elementary Educ...

Photo of Jacqueline Hale

Jacqueline Hale

Reading Specialist & Assessment Coordinator

Ms. Jacque joined Keystone in 2022. She has a bachelor's degree in Education Specia...

Photo of Janelle Chamberlain

Janelle Chamberlain

Elementary Assistant - Iguanas

Ms. Janelle joined Keystone in 2014. She worked as a paraprofessional & classroom a...

Photo of Jess Morales Ruán

Jess Morales Ruán

Elementary Guide - Great Horned Owls

Mr. Jess joined Keystone in 2020. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree...

Photo of Katty Padilla

Katty Padilla

Elementary Guide - Iguanas

Ms. Katty joined Keystone in 2017. She received her Montessori training from Instituto ...

Photo of Kelsey Quenneville

Kelsey Quenneville

Children's House Assistant - Saguaros

Ms. Kelsey joined Keystone in 2023. She has been working in childcare for six years,&nb...

Photo of Keny Rosales

Keny Rosales

Children's House Assistant - Palos Verdes

Ms. Keny joined Keystone in 2023 as a Children's House Assistant.  She is orig...

Photo of León Dantus

León Dantus

Adolescent Guide - AZ Eagles

Mr. Leon joined Keystone in 2004. He has his Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studi...

Photo of Liz Schiavone

Liz Schiavone

Elementary Assistant - Scorpions

Ms. Liz joined Keystone in 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation ...

Photo of Liza Henrikson

Liza Henrikson

Elementary Guide - Coyotes

Ms. Liza joined Keystone in 2023. Ms. Liza is excited to return to teaching Upper Eleme...

Photo of Marcus Albert

Marcus Albert

Support Staff

Mr. Marcus joined Keystone in 2022. He worked as a Home Liaison for Quest Charter Acade...

Photo of Mia Alfonso

Mia Alfonso

Spanish Guide

Ms. Mia has worked at Keystone since 2003 as the Elementary Spanish Guide. She holds a ...

Photo of Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans

Elementary Guide - Gila Monsters

 Ms. Samantha joined Keystone in 2022. She holds an Elementary Diploma from Associ...

Photo of Sara Oaxaca

Sara Oaxaca

Elementary Guide - Diamondbacks

Ms. Sara earned her AMI Elementary diploma from The Montessori Institute of San Diego.&...

Photo of Sarah Skroch

Sarah Skroch

Special Education Support Staff

Ms. Sarah joined Keystone in 2022. She is originally from Minnesota, an...

Photo of Selda Marcotte

Selda Marcotte

Toddler Bilingual Assistant - Agaves

Ms. Selda joined Keystone in 2023. She was born in Taxco, Guerrero in Mexico, and ...

Photo of Sergio Mukokomani

Sergio Mukokomani

Elementary Assistant- Gila Monsters & Elementary Extended Care Coordinator

Mr. Sergio joined Keystone in 2022. He is from Denver Colorado and recently g...

Photo of Silvia Escobar

Silvia Escobar

Children's House Bilingual Assistant - Saguaros

Ms. Silvia joined Keystone in 2022. She is originally from El Salvador, where...

Photo of Stephanie Punko

Stephanie Punko

Elementary Guide - Scorpions

Ms. Stephanie joined Keystone in 2023. She has an M.Ed. in International Education (Int...

Photo of Sydney Jennings

Sydney Jennings

Elementary Assistant- Coyotes

Ms. Sydney joined Keystone in 2023. She graduated with an Associates Degree in Gra...

Photo of Whitney Stockhauser

Whitney Stockhauser

Adolescent Guide - AZ Eagles

Ms. Whitney joined Keystone in 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Educati...

Photo of Yoo-Kyung Yoo

Yoo-Kyung Yoo

Children‘s House Guide - Saguaros

Ms. Yoo-Kyung joined Keystone in 1995. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Yonsei Univers...