Explore Keystone People

Cindy Maschoff

Administrative Advisor

Laura Hertzler

Head of School

Stefan Linder

Associate Head of School & Interim Gila Monsters Lead Guide

Heather Bonacorda

Admissions & Marketing Director

Melissa Sutton

Development Director

Sue Smith

Office Manager

Saundra Strobridge

Administrative Assistant

Mark Maschoff

Facilities & IT Director

Bethany Brown

Special Education Co-Director & Testing Coordinator

Evie Benavidez

Special Education Co-Director

Mia Alfonso

Spanish Guide

Amie Allor

Elementary Guide - Red Tailed Hawks

Consuelo Arellano

Children’s House Bilingual Assistant - Saguaros

Carol Arnold

Adolescent Guide - AZ Eagles

Anny Aziz

Children's House Bilingual Assistant - Palo Verdes

Janelle Bredenkamp

Elementary Assistant - Red Tailed Hawks

Adalia Briones

Children's House Bilingual Assistant - Prickly Pears

Lidia Carrillo-Davila

Toddler Guide - Agaves

Janelle Chamberlain

Elementary Assistant - Iguanas

Tonya Courtright

Elementary Guide - Great Horned Owls

Kaylee Cumpston

Support Staff

Kerry Cumpston

Reading Specialist & Special Education Support Staff

Shahnaz Currim

Elementary Guide - Coyotes

Quintin Dailey

Elementary Assistant - Gila Monsters & Facilities Manager

Leon Dantus

Adolescent Guide - AZ Eagles

Gerry DeLaTorre

Music Specialist

Danys Engelhardt

Spanish Guide

Arleth Felix-Millan

Toddler Bilingual Assistant- Agaves

Danielle Ghorayeb

Children's House Support Staff & Movement

Erika Huerta

Elementary Assistant - Coyotes

April Knight

Elementary Guide - Scorpions

Bahareh Kompani

Elementary Assistant - Great Horned Owls

Sara Oaxaca

Elementary Guide - Diamondbacks

Holly Owens

Children's House Aftercare

Alejandra Padilla

Toddler & Children’s House Support Staff

Katty Padilla

Elementary Guide - Iguanas

Ben Peterson

Elementary Aftercare

Dacia Shoemaker

Elementary Assistant - Diamondbacks & Elementary Aftercare Lead

Alex Simonet

Lower Elementary Art Guide & Elementary Aftercare

Mia Soard

Children's House Assistant - Prickly Pears

Jeremy Stepp

Special Education Support Staff

Whitney Stockhauser

Adolescent Guide - AZ Eagles

Imelda Urbiztondo

Children’s House Guide - Palo Verdes

Blanca Villalobos

Children’s House Guide - Prickly Pears

Yoo-Kyung Yoo

Children‘s House Guide - Saguaros & Children’s House Level Coordinator

Ana Zikic

Upper Elementary & Adolescent Art Guide & Yoga Instructor