Keystone Prepares for the Montessori Journey

Keystone Prepares for the Montessori Journey

On January 26th and 27th, the annual Montessori Journey will take place at Keystone. By definition, a journey is described as travel from one place to another. In a child’s Montessori experience this journey spans many years as they travel through the planes of development and move through our classroom communities. 

Keystone parents are invited to experience their own “Montessori Journey” led by members of the administration and Guides at our annual event. This two-day parent education seminar allows families to deepen their understanding of how each level connects and works together to provide students with experiences that foster the discovery of themselves.

Participants will join us on Friday evening for a silent journey through classrooms at each level to observe the environments and visually appreciate the thoughtful preparation of each space. Reflecting on the classrooms helps prepare for our workshop on Saturday by provoking ideas, questions, and observations.

On Saturday, parents will return to campus and receive Montessori presentations at each level. The opportunity to witness how lessons transform as students grow illustrates the powerful impact of a Montessori experience. Beginning in the Toddler community, lessons are given individually and with great respect. Each material builds upon the foundation of those that come before, and children work at their own pace supported by their Guides.

The Montessori Journey gives Keystone parents a chance to see how deeply their children’s experience with materials and lessons in Toddler and Children’s House is connected to their continued learning throughout lower and upper elementary, with a culmination in the adolescent environment. The child’s journey leads them to the discovery of the individual they are meant to become. Each year we look forward to sharing this experience with parents and hope you will join us for this year’s Montessori Journey. Watch your email for additional information on how to reserve your spot!