We Appreciate Your Support of the AZ Tax Credit!

We Appreciate Your Support of the AZ Tax Credit!

Each year at Keystone we rely on our families to supprt our efforts in maintaining authentic Montessori environments. Even with strong fiscal management, fundraising dollars are needed to balance the operating budget and provide long-term financial security. It is through the generous support of our families that Keystone is able to continue its mission to inspire in children a passion for a lifelong love of learning in an environment which nurtures independence, creativity, confidence and tolerance while developing a sense of responsibility for self and community based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Did you know state law (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows you to take a tax credit when you donate up to $200 (filing single) and $400 (married, filing jointly) to an Arizona public school? This means when it comes time to file your taxes, your Arizona state tax bill will be reduced—either as a credit or a refund—by the amount you give to KEYSTONE! Please click HERE to make your donation today.


In past years, tax credit funds were limited to a small number of ways the funds could be used. Recent changes in Arizona Law now permit greater use of these funds, which will allow us to use these dollars in broader ways the raise more for our classrooms! Tax Credit dollars are now permitted for all of the following categories:

Music & Band
Gardening & Nature
Field/Overnight Trips
Computers & Software
Library & Text Books
Health Care Supplies
Playground Equipment & Shading
Furnishings & Athletic Equipment
Bond Principal/Interest Payments

We appreciate your unwavering and continued support of Keystone Montessori!