Parent Forms & Resource Links

  • AFTER SCHOOL ART - The ART Room is offering an after-school enrichment class, from Jan 17- March 7, Thursdays (3-4pm). Students (1st - 6th grades) will work with a variety of artistic mediums that support & explore the creative process. For more information and registration, please download the attached flyer.
  • BUSINESS DIRECTORY – Many of our parents are small business owners and we would like to include you in our business directory! Please click on the link to tell us about your business.
  • CARPOOLING RESOURCES – Montessori philosophy believes in treating the Earth with respect and conserving our planet’s resources. Post your ride sharing needs and location or contact parent volunteer, Lisa Costello, at for more information.
  • COURTSYSTEM.ORG –  A free database of listings for all emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices in the country.
  • DRIVER LICENSE MOTOR VEHICLE RECORD – If you want to become a driver for classroom trips, please complete this form online, make a copy of the results and return to the office.
  • EXCUSED ABSENCE FORM – For Elementary and Adolescent students. 1) Submit the form to the classroom teacher for PRIOR approval. 2) Teacher approves & submits to Admin. 3) Admin approves & returns to the teacher. 4) Once assigned task has been completed, the teacher signs & dates the form & submits to the Office Mgr. who records the absence as excused.
  • MEDICATION CONSENT – If your child requires medication, we must have both forms on file. Please fill this out and return it to the school office.
  • OFFICIAL NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL  - If you are officially withdrawing your child for any reason, please complete the highlighted portions of the form, including your signature, and return to the front office.
  • PARENT PAYMENT PORTAL – Click on link to make your second payment of your child(ren)’s Extracurricular Fees or Summer Transition Class.
  • PIZZA ORDER FORM – The Adolescents serve a pizza and Jamba Juice lunch most Wednesdays as a part of their year-end class trip fundraising. Order forms and payment are due by noon on Tuesdays.
  • STUDENT DISMISSAL – If your child will be dismissed for any reason, or if they are to be dismissed and released to another person or to walk/ ride home, you must fill out the form and return it to the office.

Keystone Giving Opportunities