Social Season


What is the Social Season?

Keystone Montessori’s Social Season consists of social events and themed parties that are organized and paid for by families and friends of Keystone. Anyone wishing to attend one of the parties may purchase a ticket. Parties are held independently of Keystone. Party hosts generously cover all the costs for the party so the entire admission price goes directly to Keystone—a unique and fun way to benefit the school! 

How can I join in the fun?

You will be able to purchase tickets to all of the amazing Social Season parties at this year's Fall Festival on November 12th. Any remaining tickets available after the Fall Festival will be amde availbel for purchase online.

Why do we have a Social Season?

The Season is a critical part of Keystone’s annual fundraising campaign. The Season helps us close the gap between the school’s budget and the difference between what money the State provides and the actual cost to run our amazing school. Keystone’s fundraising goal this year is $400,000 with $25,000 of that coming from Social Season parties!