An Interview with Alumni Stephanie Silva

An Interview with Alumni Stephanie Silva

We are pleased to present a moment with alumni Stephanie Silva. Stephanaie recently joined us for an interview to share a bit about her time at Keystone and what she has been doing these days!

YEAR & AGE started at Keystone:

4 years old 2000

YEAR & AGE ended at Keystone:

12 years old 2009

What are you doing these days?

Right now, I am in Los Angeles, CA pursuing a career in film. I am a freelance assistant editor and a freelance production assistant for television shows and movies.

Please tell us about your experience at Keystone. Keystone is a wonderful environment where one can be curious and creative while learning and preparing for the world. Keystone became my second family and I still maintained those relationships long after I graduated. From watching former classmates at their high school play or catching up at the local college coffee shop, we support each other in any way we can.

Does Keystone still play a role in your life today?

I still have the Montessori ways engrained in my everyday life like writing in cursive, braiding my hair the Ms. Imelda way, the determination to practice and master a skill, and listening to “Here Comes the Sun” every Winter Solstice. I am truly grateful for the Keystone community. Not only was I prepared for the classroom, Keystone prepared me for life. Thanks to my Montessori education, I am able to apply critical thinking skills, be independent, support and help others, and I never give up. It’s the Montessori way.

We would like to thank Stephanie for sharing her alumni story with us!