Keystone Felt Like a Family | By Lotus Rogers

Hello! My name is Lotus Rogers. I attended Keystone Montessori for 7 years, since 2002 in Kindergarten. I had Ms. Diane, in the Palo Verdes, Mr. Stefan in the Iguanas, and Ms. Christen in the Diamondbacks. I am now a junior at Desert Vista High School where I take multiple honors classes such as Math (where I am a year ahead), Science, and Latin. I also take subjects in the Arts, choir and performing.

The friends that I made at Keystone were and to this day, the best friends I’ve ever had. I still talk with them even though we all go to different schools. My classes always had good character and we felt like a family. Everyone knew what each person liked to do, their emotional struggles, what they wanted to be when they grew up, and their favorite foods. Sure there was drama, fights, and disagreements. But hey, we all make mistakes, and we were still one big happy family in the end. Keystone itself is one big happy family.

The Montessori environment creates an atmosphere of compassion and harmony amongst the students. The teachers are the main force in this phenomena. You as the student spend 3 years with one person. That person has the ability to not only teach them how to use materials, such as The Stamp Game, but also has the ability to inspire a child. They become like a second parent. As a teacher it is their job to care for the child as your own. My very teachers treated me like a daughter for 3 years. It is truly quite an amazing feeling.

The students themselves are self-directed. Do not confuse the Montessori instructor’s role with the modern-day educator’s role: Montessori teachers set up the launch-pad, students build the space-ship and blast off into space. The teachers are still in the control tower saying, “Your course is set for Mars. Call us if you need anything. You got this…”. I have gained a tremendous amount of responsibility, the ability to take initiative, confidence, charisma, and organizational skills not from the educators, but from…me…How? The productive, efficient, and considerate atmosphere of Montessori. Tis the beauty of pure self-motivation. I have also learned more humility, and respect for others, than most people in my high school.

Currently, I volunteer as a music teacher assistant with Mr. Gerry, since I have an interest in music education (as well as acting and marine biology). When I step back into the school, and see my old teachers, I still feel such a strong connection with them and remember all of the wonderful things they taught me. They built such a positive foundation for my learning, and with that, I was reassured of a bright future. I cannot begin to share my overwhelming appreciation for the compassion of the Keystone staff.

If I had the choice, I would stay in Keystone for as long as I could. I don’t know where my life would be right now if I hadn’t experienced the ways of Montessori. Having met so many amazing friends, having been inspired by the staff at such a phenomenal school, I now have the power to go past the Milky Way and into infinity.

In peace,
Lotus Rogers Desert Vista High School Class of 2015