Attended Keystone for Nine Years | By Stephanie Silva

Attended Keystone for Nine Years | By Stephanie Silva

My name is Stephanie Silva, I am sixteen years old, I currently attend Xavier College Preparatory and I attended Keystone Montessori for nine years.

I started Keystone at the age of three and throughout my nine years my classes and teachers included: Ms.Yoo-Kyung in the Saguaros, Ms.Ann and Ms.Clare then Ms.Imelda in the Prickly Pears, Lower Elementary with Mr.Stefan in the Iguanas, and Upper Elementary with Ms.Gaby in the Gila Monsters.

Those nine years were so much fun and full of memories!

Through my years at Keystone I learned so many things, learned many valuable life skills, made great friends that I am still friends with today, and I was able to experience new things that only a Montessori environment could offer me.

Keystone has really prepared me for my years in middle school and now in high school. This year, I have the opportunity to help out at Keystone. I feel like I am back home with my teachers that taught me and now I get to give back to Keystone and learn more about the Montessori philosophy.