Iguanas - March Update

Dear Iguanas,


Happy Almost Spring! Thank you so much for joining us at our play; The Legend of the Great Coconino Forest Bear. The children were so excited to present their hard work to you. We are so proud of them all. They did such a spectacular job and really put in a lot of work. Many teachers and other students commented on how fantastic the play was and how well the children acted. One classroom even wrote them a letter about all the things they loved about the play. They were so proud. Who knew we had such great actors and actresses in the Iguanas Classroom! 


March Birthdays:

Emily: March 5th 

Anna: March 7th 

Amelia: March 29th 


Important Dates in March:

Spring Break: March 11-15

No School: March 29th 

Hike: March 27th


Have a great rest of March!


Love and Gratitude,

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle