Saguaros March Update

Dear Parents,


This week, we continued studying different artists and their paintings and art pieces. They learned about Monet, Matisse, and Kandinsky. The children are becoming familiar with the artists' names and their famous art pieces. Some examples of these pieces include Van Gogh's Starry Night, Monet's Haystack in Winter, and Matisse's The Snail. In addition to admiring these pieces, the children also had an opportunity to attempt recreating some of these art pieces with pencils and paint. It was beautiful to see the children so inspired and creative. 


As one of the Grace and Courtesy lessons in the Montessori curriculum, the children have been practicing saying the phrase "thank you for reminding me," when a teacher or friend offers a reminder. These lessons help the children be independent, find ways to communicate effectively, and respect their peers and teachers. 


In addition, the children had the pleasure of attending the Iguana's play, the Legend of the Great Coconino Forest Bear. The play contained many fun songs and amazing costumes, which kept the children interested and attentive. The children were also thrilled to see previous Saguaros friends who are now in elementary.


Have a wonderful weekend! 



Ms. Yoo-Kyung