Saguaros - February Update

Dear Parents,

The Annual Keystone Montessori Peace Program Presented by the Children's House classes is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13th.  The children have been exploring the concept of peace and how they contribute to making the world a peaceful place to live. The program presents their tribute to what they have discovered. It is a reflection of their understanding of the role that each individual plays in bringing peace to the world. We ask that the children wear their best outfits and dress shoes. Your child may also wear a cultural heritage costume, reflecting your family's personal background.

We also celebrated Kalina's 5th birthday. Happy birthday, Kalina! Thanks to Kalina and her family for bringing special birthday treats to share with her classmates.

As we approach the date, here's a kind reminder about Keystone's practice for Valentine's Day. Our school's best practice is not to celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging commercialized Valentine's Day cards or candy at school. Please do not bring Valentine's Day cards or candy to share with your child's classmates. Thank you for your understanding and support. 


Ms. Yoo-Kyung