Prickly Pears - January Update


(Above) Title: Mystery Number Box Description: Victoria is working with the Mystery Number Box pairing the numerals from 0-10 with their corresponding quantity of objects (Math).

(Above) Title: Scrubbing a Table Description: Olive is scrubbing a table following a sequence of steps exercising her eye-hand coordination and wrist movements (Practical Life).

Title: Cursive Writing Description: Leena is practicing her cursive writing utilizing the small chalkboard and chalk (Language).

Title: Screwdriver Description: Kairo is working with the screwdriver exercising his eye-hand coordination and wrist movements (Practical Life).

Title: Holiday Gift Description: The Prickly Pears children are elaborating a bookmark utilizing letter beads, ribbons and pieces of string portraying their own creativity (Art).


Title: Continents Puzzle Maps Description: Blake is working with the USA map assembling it outside of the frame (Sensorial).