AZ Eagles Marketplace 

Our AZ Eagles Marketplace has hosted several successful sales so far this year!  Our adolescent entrepreneurs are thrilled to be able to host their current sales outdoors, on campus, and in-person. The AZ Eagles Marketplace was created and is updated annually by our adolescent students as an experiential manifestation of our MicroEconomy program. Our scholars learn important lessons in business development, production, and exchange by first engaging in an economics occupation. They then go on to plan and develop every facet of their small business, and ultimately create unique and fun handmade goods; offering them for sale to Keystone's students and families. They also learn a great deal about marketing, advertising, aesthetics, preparation, and maintaining strong customer service and quality control in their marketplace. Our new businesses regularly reimagine and update their product lines to engage and delight their customers.  We are grateful to our Keystone community for participating and contributing to this valorizing endeavor.