AZ Eagles Marketplace 

Our AZ Eagles online marketplace is closed for the summer after a successful year of sales. The AZ Eagles Marketplace was created by our adolescent students to benefit our MicroEconomy program. They have learned important lessons in business development, production, and exchange by engaging in an economics occupation as well as creating unique handmade goods and selling them to Keystone's students and families. With our marketplace going online this year, we were able to expand sales to a larger community beyond our campus, a very valorizing experience for our entrepreneurs. They also learned a great deal about setting up, preparing, and maintaining a digital sales environment. We are grateful to our Keystone community for participating and contributing to this endeavor. Our adolescent entrepreneurs were thrilled to be able to have their final sale of the year on campus in-person. We'll see you all next year with exciting new businesses and products to share. Have a great summer!