Gila Monsters February Update

January 27, 2023


Greetings Families and Friends,


What a productive few weeks it has been. I have to commend the students for their progress in becoming a stronger team, working together, and showing a real drive for the work. We had many lessons in sentence analysis and further work in part of speech classification. Many are working on 5 paragraph essays too. In math fractions and decimal work has been the favorite along with the ever-popular squaring and cubing. In geography we have been continuing experiments with the work of air and starting to tie in the weather and rains. We finished our history book on the Middle Ages and are looking forward to the presentations the children are coming up with to continue their learning. Our pets are healthy too and the fish are growing. Ostrich is sitting on a clutch of 3 eggs and we will see in the coming week if they are a successful brood.


Upcoming Dates:


Gila Monster presentation day: February 3rd

Staff Development Day: February 17th

President’s Day: February 20th


I am available to connect with you for any questions or concerns either through Gold Note or Email.


Thank you,