Gila Monsters December Update


Greetings, Friends and Families,

What a great month in the Gila Monster classroom. We all came together for a presentation day where we heard about sharks, Tokyo, dog breeds, potatoes, and lemurs. We also enjoyed some extra sunshine on our hike of Telegraph Pass. It was great to see many in our class push themselves and go further than they had anticipated. Thank you for your support in putting on a lovely feast day before the Thanksgiving break. It was quite the delicious spread!

We also had a number of lessons on multiplication, geometry constructions, winds, botany research, cubing, pre-algebra, figurative language, editing, quotations, story writing, and more. Sadly, our two baby finches did not make it upon leaving the nest. However, we are anxious to get our aquarium set up soon and grow our animal community.

We look forward to holiday presentations, the aquarium, a white elephant exchange (more info coming soon), writing holiday cards for seniors, our first Mercado to raise funds and donations for various charities, and the completion of our first semester.


By: Patrick L


With Gratitude,

Samantha Evans