Gila Monsters November Update

Happy Friday Gila Monster Families and Friends,


Since our last update two weeks ago the Gila Monsters have been keeping busy and certainly taking the time to enjoy the weather. We have enjoyed welcoming a good number of parents in for their observations and there are more to come. If you were unable to sign up please reach out and we can find a time to accommodate you for an observation and/or conference.


We have been working on lessons in geometry including relationship of angles, congruence, area, and formula writing. We are paying particular interest to the key terms and rules in geography that help us understand the world we live in. In math, some are working on cubing a binomial, and others operations with fractions, operations with decimals, and looking at some key patterns in numbers too. Language work has included paragraph structure, discussing themes, inferences and expressing key details. Geography work has included planetary winds, extreme weather research, and discoveries about mass. The Gila Monsters have all taken an interest into improving their spelling so they are probably open to being quizzed on a few words here and there!


I have to say that I appreciate the student’s keen awareness in past weeks about being kind, focusing on our words and their effects on others, and considering the value of sportsmanship. The progress we have made as a community in 3 short months is something to be proud of. This is all hard, and important work too!


We have a scholastic book drive in progress. Emails were sent out yesterday with the code. There are some paper flyers in the class but I’m encouraging everyone to look online for the books they would like. This is a great time to get some early Holiday shopping done too! On November 3rd we are having our first potluck. The students would like to bring their well-behaved pets of all kinds to join in this gathering at Desert Foothills Park at 5pm. All are welcome. Use the School Cues sign up to let us know what family favorite you are able to bring.


Thank you for the continued support at home and all that you do for your families at this increasingly busy time of year. I hope that even though the days feel more rushed, everyone is able to enjoy the little things that bring you joy.


Kind Wishes,