Gila Monsters October Update

Dear Gila Monsters Parents,

This month we have had the opportunity to structure our habits and our routines, very important to be able to find ourselves oriented in our purpose. As you know, our main foundations in the Montessori experience is to work with Freedom and Responsibility, where children find their space of safety and commitment. We establish a "culture of work", culture of serious, well chosen productive work. Not a culture of little or no work. In this way, children can experience an internal discipline in themselves, without external impositions from the adult. I encourage you to continue this purpose in your children's experience, as this can be practiced anywhere and at any time. This will be a valuable tool in the lives of your children.

As you know, we are close to our big event, the Fall Festival that will take place Saturday, November 13. We encourage the entire Keystone Montessori community to have a good time sharing experiences. The children are beginning to prepare their art project and their raffle basket; they are really very excited.

I would also like to remind you that after Fall Break, your appointment for the parent teacher conference will be at your disposal via SchoolCues.

I would like to wish you a nice Fall Break, full of great moments with your children, as you deserve it and they need it.

Mr. Frank