March Update

Dear Gila Monsters Families,

As a classmate said, children have learned during this last period of time. Because children have that great virtue, of always learning where they are. This is how we build our personality, it is how we fix our beliefs and thoughts; with the lived experience.

Academically we have learned about the Montessori curriculum, but emotionally we have learned about how to control emotions, how to manage them and how to carry them out for a good purpose. Children have been able to learn how to find the best way to stay in touch with their peers in different circumstances.

We continue with our presentations in Mathematics and Geometry, where we discover great mathematical reflections on equations and differential equations. Really a high level abstract job. We continue to work with models in sums of squares and pre-algebraic reasoning.

We have continued working on different models of essays and texts. We have also improved our understanding of technical and scientific texts, where the great challenge is always to know what they are talking about and what is the reasoning and critical point.

We have talked about American History, and how important factors in the past affect the life we ​​can live today. We have talked about the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States of America, Confederation, Enlightenment, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

We also had the opportunity to start our first Culinary Workshop focused on Italy. We cook a healthy recipe adapted to the American taste. We plan to continue with this workshop, in different countries, if our schedule allows it.

We hope to present some Black History Month projects in the coming days.

Thank you families for all your support. 


Mr. Frank.