2nd February Update

Dear Gila Monsters Families,

We maintain our dynamics of Grace and Courtesy for our group activities.

We continue working on some directed works, in this way the students can feel with a better free choice, based on the Montessori philosophy.

We have continued with our presentations in Math, and we learned how to perform different number operations in non-decimal bases. We have also started the bases of binomials, trinomials and polynomials for some of the students, as well as numbers that grow exponentially. We have discovered how prime factors can help us faster in mathematical operations. Some students were able to get started in pre-algebra concepts.

We have continued to work on different models of essays and texts. We have also improved our understanding of actual historical texts.

In Geometry, we have enjoyed ourselves as architects! We have imagined some real situations, and how this can help us. We have also continued to understand technical language in Geometry, following instructions to build geometric designs with the help of the compass.

We talk about the different phases of our ancestors, how everything was built little by little until today. We thank all the inventors and inventions that we can enjoy today.

We have proposed whoever wishes to initiate research about Black History Month, as our community celebrates this significant month in our country.

Thank you families for all your support.

Mr. Frank