February Update

Dear Gila Monsters Families,

These last two weeks have been interesting in many ways, because we have gone from routine to more dynamic work. Of course, every day is a new adaptation to our digital environment, of course. But every day we are becoming more experts.

We know how to interact with each other, we know how to respect the times and priorities of others, we show interest in the qualities of others ... this is Grace and Courtesy! Academically, we are working on some direct jobs, which can serve as motivation, refreshment or learning opportunity. Above all this has been in Mathematics. Among other subjects, we have talked about how we depend on each other, or how world trade works or how we can have anything or consumer goods in our home and who has been involved in a long process.

Why do we pay taxes? Interesting question that we have been able to see, how the services work. In geometry, now we know how without using a ruler, but by using a compass, we can transport line segments and do mathematical operations with them. Do we know how many number systems we have? Just the decimal? Well no, we have discovered other numbering systems, one of them is the electronic language. Binary systems, base 5 or base 6 systems have been part of our experience.

Do you want to express ideas, indicate a historical milestone, talk about a fiction? Perfect, we already know how to convince someone with one text or another, or how to tell someone something very interesting from our community, or maybe I want to tell something real but adding some point of invention.

In some second work cycle, we have enjoyed inspiring documentaries about real situations on our planet. This makes us think about our cosmic task!

Thank you families for all your support. (Really !)

Mr. Frank.