2nd December Update

Dear Gila Monsters Families,

The last two weeks of this semester, where we have breathed and felt the Christmas holidays every day. The children have been very excited about these beautiful celebrations.

We have been working as usual, with our habits and daily work, with our morning meetings, with our community discussions, on Zoom rules, on the computer experience.

We have continued with our pedagogical instruction, consisting of the knowledge acquired, and keeping our attention on what we have learned. In Mathematics we have worked at different levels of understanding on decimal fractions, sensory square root and on paper, polynomials expanded from a squared sum, fractions with complex cases using processes to solve it. In language we have continued working with literature and new ways of writing different types of texts, such as journalistic or information articles, as well as planting bases in the writing foundations with the different exhibition formats. On the other hand we have worked with oral and written comprehension packages, learning new vocabulary and forms of critical thinking. These are academic experiences to name a few.

Of course, the Gila Monsters students have surprised us, doing aerodynamic clubs, marine life clubs, where in the latter some presentations of endangered animals and environmental problems were unleashed. We have also had some nice presentation about people of interest social, where it is always a benchmark of behavioral model for our students.

Other discussions in our community have been about some books that the students have wanted to share, a Christmas movie proposal, and we also talked about internet safety.

The last day we had a fantastic time, distributing those beautiful thoughts to each partner, materialized in a gift. We were able to share some animated film with messages of justice and love, and others with messages of Christmas tradition.

I would like to wish you from my heart a perhaps different holiday season, but full of the best wishes for your family.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero año nuevo.

Mr. Frank ( and family )