1st December Update

Dear Gila Monsters Families;

As you all know these last two weeks, they have had their peculiar characteristics, all of them always interesting.

On the one hand, we have enjoyed the expected holiday of each year.

On the other hand we have returned online. All this always marked by the hope and prosperity that characterizes us as human beings.

The children are doing well, they continue to adapt to these crazy changes. Children encode our every act as adults and learn from it.

Although many things changed these days, for us, our lessons do not change, our attitude does not change, our desire to learn as a community does not change, our opportunities remain the same; learn, know, do, make mistakes and respect.

We have continued working on our Mathematics lessons at the same point we left them, with the same rigor and enthusiasm, we continue to learn decimal fractions with our material, we continue to write and understand our algebraic expressions from binomial to polynomials, and we continue to work the application in fractions not own our knowledge of prime factors.

We continue to learn to control our hand with tools such as the protractor and the ruler to be able to draw geometric figures and their characteristics. We learn formulas to solve some previously observed concepts in a more sensitive way.

In Biology, we put several specimens under the microscope and some were really scary and interesting at the same time.

We have seen why lunar eclipses occur, since this week we had one of them.

In language we learn how sentences are structured through grammar, in order to write the substrate of our thoughts in the right way and time. What is the use of a Past participle, a Perfect Present is something we learn when we want to place the locution of our story in a specific context and not memorize these concepts.

I leave you a quote from a person I know and love very much.

"You learn what you love”

Francisco Mora. Doctor of Neuroscience at the University of Oxford.

Thank you so much for everything you do in the experience of you child.


Mr. Frank.