Gila Monsters- 1st February Update

Dear parents of the Gila Monsters' classroom,

We hope you all enjoyed the play last Tuesday. The last couple of weeks were filled with practice and the children were very proud of how the performance in the evening went.

Next week we are starting our hikes. You should have gotten an e-mail with the permission sign up from SchoolCues. Please sign your child up by Monday. Since we want to use SchoolCues this year we have to send out three different e-mails to give permission to the three different hikes. The children should bring a bottle with water and good shoes on the days we go hiking.

Here are some of the lessons the children were given over the past two weeks: Constructing an equilateral triangle in a circle, changing fractions into percentages, using the decimal checker board for multiplications with decimal fractions, rounding of numbers, verbal and nominal predicates, writing couplets, parts of a seed, erosion by rain, the Middle Ages, John Lennon, positive and negative space, the sum of angles in a quadrilateral, and classification of flowers.

The students shared presentations on English Bulldogs and Apple.

Have a wonderful day,

Mr. Stefan