Diamondbacks February Update

Dear Families of the Diamondbacks,

During this first month of our spring semester the students have been hard at work.  There has been focus on inventions of many different kinds for group research and the children are looking forward to presenting their work soon.  Lessons have included Tropical, Coastal, and Orographic Rains, Varieties of Roots, Leaf Shape and Arrangement, planning a going out, Sentences with Chart B, Making a Timeline, Active and Passive Sentences, Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Squaring Polynomials on Graph Paper, Square Root and Cube Root, Geometric Design and Construction, Tessellations including Analysis for angle measurement and area, Three-Point Perspective, Making a Coil Pot, and Finding Rhythm Patterns in Music.  We enjoyed a hike early in the semester along the Pima Canyon Trailhead and starting a new art project in our outdoor environment with Ms. Ana!



2/16 Last hike of the school year

2/17 No school - staff development

2/20 No school - President’s Day



2/1 Rae

2/9 Ramzi

2/14 Arizona!


Enjoy the beautiful weather,

Ms. Sara



Zen, Zakiyy, and Ramzi team up to find synonyms


The D-backs take a moment to pose while out on a hike


Temperance makes her mark on our group mosaic