Diamondbacks December Update

Dear Parents,

Our fall semester nears its close!  Still, December brings lots of enthusiasm for follow-up, research projects, outdoor environment care, compliment writing, and lots of group work!!

Congratulations to Santi’s family for taking home our beautiful “United” blanket!  Thank you for your awesome contribution and to everyone for participating in the Fall Festival :)

Everyone should be making progress on their homemade holiday gifts for our secret gift exchange (I've heard some of us are even done!).  Your child knows who they've chosen to give to and should keep in mind the gift is expected to be ready for giving by our holiday party on December 16th.

Lessons over the last few weeks included Powers of Two for Exponential Notation, Which Way Do They Push?, Perpendicular and Oblique Rays of the Sun, Parts, and Kinds of Lines, Parts, and Kinds of Angles Measuring a Circumference, Civilizations Timeline, Active and Passive Verbs, Timeline of US History, Classification of Plants, Decimals, Square Roots, Sentence Analysis, Area, Types of Circuits, Solving for Unknown Variables, and Singing with a Scale.

Birthdays this month:

   12/9   Victoria

   12/22.  Nathan

Other Important Dates this month:

   12/15   Dbacks first hike of the year

   12/16   Winter Solstice Celebration / Secret Gift Exchange / Half Day Friday

   12/17   Winter Break begins


Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about anything.

Happiest of holidays,

   Ms. Sara


Rae and Helena play the tone bars

Maci, Katherine, Max, Zakiyy, Zen, and Rylie enjoy group follow-up.

 Research work presentation day: Zakiyy, Dontae, Santi, Lias, Lorenzo, and Sam for Vietnam

Dbacks support Dbacks during peer-led p.e.