Diamondbacks November Update

Dear Parents,

November is here and the bustle of fall has arrived!  We are enjoying the cooler weather, the friendlier sunshine, and the fantastic energy it’s brought along with it!

Recent lessons have included How Geometry Got Its Name, Making a Timeline, Creating Visuals for Research, Sewing by Hand, Texture in Art, Pattern in Art, Form in Art, Multiplying by Powers of 10, Grading the Tone Bars, Congruent/Similar/Equivalent with the Divided Triangles, Types of Roots, Collaboration between Roots and Leaves, Chemical Changes, Area of a Pentagon, Geometry Commands, Noun Classification for Concrete and Abstract, Stamp Game for Division with One-Digit Divisors, Cubing a Trinomial, Cubing a Quadrinomial, Phases in Human History, Geometric Construction, Volume, The Major Scale Pattern Strip, and Simple Songs.

We also started a garden dialogue and are keeping track of our new lettuce, kale, and spinach plants! We have so many new sprouts!  Our basil continues to grow strong :)

Birthdays in November include:

11/27 Max

11/30 Santi

Other important dates in November:

11/11 Veteran's Day, no school

11/12 Fall Festival

11/14 Feed My Starving Children

11/23-25 Thanksgiving Break

11/29 Community and Classroom Meetings

Thank you to everyone for all of your support in our Fall Festival preparations!


Ms. Sara



Ramzi, Elena, and Penelope present their studies on France

Dontae, Nathan, and Lias collaborate on a follow up with triangles


Ella searches for her next research topic


Temperance and Victoria prepare treats for the class