Diamondbacks September Update

"The child should be allowed to develop freely, in liberty.  Two reasons exist for this approach: first, as we have seen, the child develops on her own.  Secondly, because of that self development, the child reveals to us the laws motivating her work…that is, the psychological laws of her life.  So we must develop both a science and an art to respect the liberty of the child."

Dr. Maria Montessori, The California Lectures of Maria Montessori, 1915.


Dear Parents,

We’ve been shaking things up in the Diamondbacks class with our return to the classroom!  September is upon us and we move ahead with lots in store.  I will be reaching out to parents soon regarding our auction basket preparation, so if you are available to volunteer your time please let me know.  If you completed a form at the start of the school year saying you’d be available to help I will be reaching out to you soon!

During the month of August children had many lessons including the Great Stories, Layers of the Earth, Work Chart for the Time Zones, Laws of Air, Fluid/Viscous, Needs of the Plant, Leaves Are a Food Factory, Leaf Venation, Fundamental Human Needs for Research, Abstract Nouns, Progressive Verbs, Parts of Speech, Subjective Case Pronouns, Onomatopoeia, Cinquain Poetry, Bar and Circle Graphs, Geometric Form of Multiplication, Blue Triangles, Proofs for Construction, Line and Curve Designs, Coil Pottery, and Grading the Tone Bars.

We’ve seen work in all areas of learning, including plenty of math facts practice, sentence building, grammar classification, geometric design, time zone exploration, research writing and presentation preparation, playing music and singing, human needs artwork, improvisation, spelling, tessellations, and identifying mono- and di- cotyledonous plants, just to name some!

Please note a changed date* on our calendar:

Diamondbacks First Potluck

Foothills Park

October 19th, 2021

6:00p - 7:00p

*the event was originally scheduled for this month


Birthdays we celebrate in September:

7th Maci

10th Barrett

12th Zen

21st Graeme

24th Rylie


Other important dates:

No School, Monday, September 6th - Labor Day

Early Release, Thursday, September 16th - Staff Development

No School, Friday, September 17th - Staff Development


As always, please reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns: sara@keystonemontessori.com


Ms. Sara

Kaylee and David Arrange Flowers

Lorenzo and Lias Practice Adverbial Clauses

Graeme and Imri Practice Binding

Isabel, William, Max, and Katherine Use the Concept of Equivalence with the Blue Triangles

Maci and Rylie Join Forces to Create Beautiful Line and Curve Designs