March Update

Dear Parents of the Diamondbacks,


This post marks the first day of on-site learning since last year.  Many of your children are joining together on campus today and several of your children are gathering on the virtual platform as part of a new group made of a collection of Upper Elementary students and guided by Mr. Stefan!


During these last couple of weeks, lessons have included: The Temperate Zone, How much do we produce?, Internal Structure of Stems, Invertebrate Classification, Meditative Art, Music Appreciation, Research for Black History Month (6 steps in research writing), Solving for an Unknown Variable, Squaring a Binomial, Dependent/Independent Variables, Parts of a Circle, Diagonals of a Polygon,  and 2-Point Perspective.


Some important dates to keep in mind:

Birthdays for March:

Max 3/15

Hudsyn 3/26

School wide events in March:

Spring Break 3/8 - 3/12

Classroom Meeting Tuesday, March 23, 6pm

Half Day Friday, March 26


Thank you all for your patience this year!


Happy Spring Break,

Ms. Sara


Graeme, Lias, and David join in on Further Parts of a Circle


Knox, Max, and Finn gather for some fresh air as they return to work