2nd February Update


Dear Parents,


Spring is just around the corner!  Our fall plantings include peppers, tomatoes, artichoke, and beans and each looks to be growing healthy and strong!  The flowers are out on some of these plants and on others have even turned into small fruit already!

As seasonally appropriate, we will be setting in seeds of: Basil, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Mint, and Thyme this week!  Please send seeds, soil, and medium sized plastic containers (1-5 gallon size). We are hopeful the children will be returning to the classroom soon and it would be lovely to have outdoor gardening work for them to do once they are!  Some of the children have recently had lessons on parts of a seed and tropism and in this work have started thinking about how these seeds we have planted and will be planting follow their laws!  From our garden to yours at home, a happy and fruitful season to you!

Lessons over the last two weeks have included: Complex Sentences, Subject/Verb Agreement, Adjective Classification, Tropism, Rounding Decimals, The Tax Bowl, Art of Ancient Rome, Order of Operations, Decimal Division, Drama Cards, Division of Fractions, Pythagorean theorem, Similes, Conversion, Math Facts, Factor Pairs, Editing, Measurement, Writing an Outline, Dot Plots, Folk Music Appreciation, Alliteration, Perimeter and Parts of a Rectangle, The Hand Timeline, Volume with Prisms, Area with Plane Figures, and Metaphors.  Your children have been working commendably!

The adversity we are going through as a school community, across our country, and globally, does try us all.  Knowing that in our hearts we have the strength to keep going and endure, to support each other and share hope, and to embrace the unknown and find faith, supplies the stuff of our triumph over this misadventure.  We can do this.


Important dates to keep in mind:

Spring Break: March 8 - March 12

Early Release: Friday, March 26


Very best,

Ms. Sara