Coyotes February Update

Parts of a Succulent Fruit

Edible Follow up is the best!

February 1, 2023

Dear Coyotes Families,

In the past few weeks students have been working hard on their follow up work to lessons and their research projects.  Students have been given lessons on Parts of Succulent Fruits, Types of Dry Fruits, Parallel & Reticulate Veins in Leaves, How Water Moves up a Stem , The Sum of Angles in Triangles, Relationships between Line Segments and the Circumference of a Circle,  Congruence, Similarity and Equivalence with the Constructive Triangles, Sea Breezes & Land Breezes, Perpendicular & Oblique Rays of Sun, Direct & Radiant Heat, Global Winds, Equivalent Ratios, Transforming Squares into Trinomials, Ratios,  Causal Clauses, and the Negative Form of the Verb. We have had presentations on Pizza, Coral Reefs, The Cholla Dynasty, The Solar System, and have many other presentations in the works. 

We have loved hiking for PE, and have two more hikes coming up.  Our last hike is scheduled for 2/9/23.  Students absolutely will need appropriate hiking shoes for this trail, Telegraph Pass.

Autumn O. finished writing our play, The Missing Diamond.  Auditions were held and the play has been cast!  Students are working on rehearsing their lines, costume design, set design, and sound/special effects!  We are excited to present our play on March 2nd!!

We are happy to host Mr. Jack,an AMI Student Trainee from Montessori Training Center Northeast, who will be observing in our class the first week of the month.


Every February 14th, we celebrate Arizona’s birthday, by doing some research on Arizona and presenting it to the other Elementary classes at Keystone.  Students have chosen their topics and are conducting their research.  Please remember that we do NOT celebrate Valentine’s Day in class.


2/2                             Hike

2/9                             Last Hike                    

2/14                           Arizona’s Birthday!

2/17                           No School-Staff Development

2/20                           No School-President’s Day

3/2                             Play-SAVE THE DATE


2/1                             Rowan C. (10)

2/13                           Ms. Erika 

2/20                           Imani M. (10)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I can be reached via Gold Note or email (