Coyotes September Update

Coyotes September Update

Our spider plant threw off many babies, so we decided to propagate them!

September 1, 2022

Dear Coyotes Families,

Can you believe it is September already??  Our camping trip to Prescott is coming up and we are super excited to come together in cooler weather to strengthen our bonds as a community and to discover and foster new friendships.  The students have planned all the food and activities for the trip.  Thank you in advance to the parents who have volunteered to let us borrow their tents.  We could still use another EZ Up Canopy and one or two smaller tents (4 person).   Please let me know if you can lend us a canopy or tent.  If you can please have the tents at school on Tuesday, September 6th, we would greatly appreciate it.  This will give us enough time to practice setting up and taking down the tents.  Medical consent forms for over the counter medicine were sent home, as was the packing list.   If your child has any other medical needs, please make sure you fill out the appropriate forms and get them to me by Monday, September 12th.  

We finished up the Great Lessons with the Story of the Coming of Human Beings, the Hand Chart, and the First Timeline of Human Beings.  Other lessons given were Complex, Compound, & Elliptical Sentences, Properties of Solids, the Relationship between the Sun & the Earth, the Main function of the Flower, Seed, Leaf, Root, Fruit, and Stem, Extraction of a Square Root, Prime Factors, and many more.  We have many projects ongoing and the classroom is a buzz of activity!

We have had some presentations…The Order of Sentences, Polygons, The Solar System....and have many in the works such as Tattoos, Chick Fil A, Corn Hole, Cheetahs, Lion Head Bunnies, and many more! 

We have reintroduced the concept of “Going Out” and students are in the planning stages for this very important work.  

Auction Basket & Project:

We are still working on ideas for our auction basket and project.   As soon as we have it finalized and it is approved, we will let you know and will send out a sign up on School Cues with a link to the Amazon Wish List.  As always, we count on your support for basket items and thank you in advance.


9/5                             No School/Labor Day

9/6                             Classroom & Community Meeting

9/13-9/15                   Camping Trip to Payson

9/22                           Early Release

9/23                           No School


9/2                             Lily J

9/8                             Diya A.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Classroom/Community meeting on Tuesday, September 6th.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I can be reached via Gold Note or email (