September Update

September 1, 2021

Dear Coyotes Families,

Can you believe it is September already?? 

We finished up the Great Lessons with the Story of the Coming of Human Beings, the Hand Chart, and the First Timeline of Human Beings.  Other lessons given were Complex, Compound, & Elliptical Sentences, Properties of Solids, Further State of Matter, the Relationship between the Sun & the Earth, the Main function of the Flower, Seed, Leaf, Root, Fruit, and Stem, Extraction of a Square Root, Prime Factors, and many more. We have many projects ongoing and the classroom is a buzz of activity!

We have had some presentations, with more in the works…The Relative Size of the Sun in relation to the Earth, A Concrete & Abstract Noun game, Space Quizzes, and a Lines Diorama.

Since we were reading creation stories for a few weeks, students have been inspired to write their own. Some are shared below, with more to be added!

Auction Basket & Project:

We have turned in our proposals for our auction basket and project.   As soon as they are approved, we will let you know and will send out a sign up on School Cues with a link to the Amazon Wish List.  As always, we count on your support for basket items and thank you in advance.


9/6                             Labor Day-No School

9/6                             Classroom Meeting 6:00 pm

9/16                           Early Release


9/8                             Diya A.

9/11                           Ily D.

9/20                           Elena D.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Classroom/Community meeting on Tuesday, September 7th.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I can be reached via Gold Note or email (



Creation Story #!

The Cat of Creation

By Autumn

In the beginning, there was just a cat. This cat had a name, Earth.

She was sad and lonely, for there was nothing but light in the beginning.

There was no sound, no animals, nothing.

Then after millions of quiet years, Earth had a idea, she would run to the

edges of the beginning. The cat ran and ran, until  she hit a wall.

Still in shock that there was a end to the beginning, Earth didn’t realize that

She had made a crack in it…


After recovering from shock, Earth threw herself at it again and again

Until it cracked just enough for the the cat to fit through.

Without realizing that there was a hole big  enough for her to fall in to, she slid into the crack.


Earth woke up on a cloud, and below her were beautiful green islands.

She jumped down on to the pieces of land. while her paw prints filled up with water,

Earth ran from island to island, eventually reaching a large stretch of land.

She played in the grass and ran around, while forming mountains and lakes.

After hours of running the tired cat took a break, but Earth saw something,

A yellow dot. She started chasing the dot . For many years Earth ran and and ran.

But then after years of chasing the dot, Earth found something she could not cross,

Water. This horrible liquid was blue, like the sky, but so much worse.


Earth turned around, and saw something in the sky, a different dot.

She wanted to see where this dot took her, so she chased this one.

The cat formed mountains to caves, and deserts to snowy peaks.

Earth was getting tired by her 365 year chasing the dot, she named her masterpiece

Earth, after herself, and she retreated in to the clouds to watch her art grow for the

Rest of eternity

The End


Creation Story #2

The Flame of Life         By : Emery Rawlings


Before there was life, there was a little flame. That flame sat on a field of dirt were there was no life.

The flame was all alone and had been alone for millions of years. It was

tired of being that way, so it decided to do something. It started off by making a little

spark with its flames. The spark slowly started to grow and turned into a little fish. That

fish started out as a small fish, but it kept getting bigger. After it got to be pretty big, it

started to grow legs, arms and other human features and then it was a human! The

flame was delighted and decided to greet the human. “ Hello Human!”, the flame

exclaimed, but the human said nothing and that’s when the flame realized that they

had not given the human a mouth! So the flame made a tiny spark and gave the

human a mouth. Then the flame said again, “Hello Human!”, and this time the human

said  “Hello”  back. The flame loved talking to the human and realized it needed to

create more life like plants, animals and more humans. Then the flame sparked many

sparks and created the world we know today, and the flame and the human lived

together and continued telling stories to each other every day.


Creation Story #3

Oh, Data Lord, Data Lord by Diya

One day a small peasant came to Data Lord and said, "Oh Data, oh Data, I have searched the skies, the homes, the bathrooms and more."

Data Lord said, "What do you want?" (in a sassy accent)

The peasant said, "I want a land."

Data said, "Here you go...Lush Island!"

A few days later another man came and said,"I want everything the previous man had, but better!"

Data smirked and teleported him to the underworld!  The man felt like something was watching him.  It jumped on him!  It was a cereberaus (a dog with 3 heads!).  Instead of eating him, it licked him. He was happy becuase this was his first friend.

As days became years, and years became decades and then centuries, those who first lived became Zeus and Hades.  But who knows what Data can create next??


Creation Story #4- The Creation Lemur by Liev and Rhys

Once upon a time, a lemur was born in a place called space. It was pitch black withno life and no sound. He wanted to have a bright and happy universe, so he used all his power to make hydrogen and oxygen. After 1 year the hydrogen made the firstgalaxy cluster. Then he saw one galaxy he liked. It was the Milky way! He made the first solar system and he wanted all the planets to have life, even the sun! But something went wrong. The first planet didn’t come out right. He made only a big rock with some stuff like rock and iron, so he was very sad. He made another planet with an atmosphere but it was too close and very hot so he went to the 3rd planet and he made an ozone, an atmosphere and Life he was so happy. Now he could build a big city with all the tigers, hawks, lemurs, and dogs but instead insects came, then fish followed, by dinos, then asteroids, and finally LEMURS! He made them have 2 legs with 2 hands and a head. He wanted them soft, so he made some fur and put it on the lemur. Then he made it come to life and somehow it had a tail. The lemur god liked the tail so he kept it. Then he wanted more lemurs, but he realised there wouldn't be enough space, so he made birth and death for lemurs to live in a big world, in which masks were not needed. After 600 years humans came. The first human had a brain,hair and a heart. And his name was Human 1. Lemur did not like the name so he changed it to Shawn. And he left to make Heaven and He!! and he said that the name was bad so he named He!! Prison and whoever broke the rules like stealing would be put in there. But heaven is a good place where the human gods and lemur gods lived. He also made everybody have 1,000 pieces of bread. After a long time he said animals come out to live! Then he went back up into space to see Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Makemake. He was amazed so he created a hypergiant and black holes. Then he woke up from his mom saying “LEMUR GET UP THIS SECOND YOU ARE 100 YEARS LATE FOR SCHOOL WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!” 

“Wait really nooooooooo!” said lemur

“WELL GET UP NOWWWWWW!!!!” Said his mom. And that kids is how we are late for school by dreaming about space. So don't dream about space.


Creation Story #5 by Ily Downs

A long time ago there were three crystals. One of sun, one of moon,  and one of air, which belongs to three sisters. The first sister was the Queen of sun, named Magma. The second sister was the queen of Oxygen, named air and the third sister was the Queen of the moon . Her name is Crater. Magma, the first sister, the queen of sun had a big castle on the sun. The second sister had a big castle in the air, above the ocean.  And the third sister was the queen of the moon. She had a castle on the moon and it shall stay that way. If the sisters have the crystals. But all sisters want all powers, so they try to get all crystals. The queen of the sun Magma threw astroids at the Craters castle on the moon. Air did not want all all crystals, so she did not fight. But she did not want her sisters to fight either, so she took oxygen from everywhere but earth. She put her sisters in the air with her powers and put them on an island next to her castle. Then she made animals to eat. So her sisters started making animals. But their animals were humans. “Hi” the humans say. The three sisters like talking to the humans. They make more humans. But the humans want homes to  stay in. The sisters make castles for the people. But not all people want castles. The sisters did not understand. The humans got materials and started building. The sisters liked building, so they tried it. They decided they do need the crystals. So they got rid of the castles. And put the crystals in the ocean.  Now the sisters had no powers.






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