March 1st Update

March 1st Update

Fabulous Fruit Tart Friday!

March 1, 2021

Dear Coyotes Families,

 We are thrilled to be back in person!!!!!!!!  The classroom seems alive again as the students have moved back in and are getting into the groove of working with materials again.  There was a buzz of activity, conversation, and camaraderie today…it was perfect!

Our goal for the next few weeks is to reestablish our commitment to work and to rediscover the work we love to do.  Also, as Spring is just around the corner, we will be spending time on our garden.  The seeds that we sprouted while the students were online have begun to sprout.  We also planted potatoes with the “seed potatoes” Luis brought in.  The students were fascinated to discover that potatoes can be planted themselves and will result in more potatoes!  Thanks to all who donated seeds and transplants!

We finished reading “Esperanza Rising” together and had some interesting conversations about the migrant farming communities in the United States around the 1930’s.  

Students are working on yet another updated “Flower and Water” list…it should be coming home soon.

Ms. Erika 2.0 will be moving to the Gila Monster’s class after Spring Break and we are excited to welcome Ms. Erika (the original!) back from her maternity leave.  Baby Gael is doing great and we are so happy she is ready to be back at school with us.

From here on out, there will only be one web updated posted each month. Look for it on the 1st of every month.

THANK YOU:  Thank you so much to the Gniffke and Lovelace families for taking care of Cinnamon and Sir Squigglesworth for so long!  Also thank you to the Mohandas Family for hosting the birds over winter break.


3/8 – 3/12                Spring Break

3/26                           Early Release


3/29                           Xoë’s H.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I can be reached via Gold Note or email (

Thanks,  Shahnaz