February 1st Update

February 1st Update

Parts of a Succulent Fruit

February 1, 2021

Dear Coyotes Families,

In the past few weeks students have been working hard on their follow up work to lessons and their research projects.  Students have been given lessons on The Main Function of the Seed, Types of Succulent Fruits, Leaf Margins, How Roots hold Plants to the Ground, The Sum of Angles in Triangles, Finding the Circumference of Circles using Pi, Congruence, Similarity and Equivalence with the Constructive Triangles, Curved Figures, Perpendicular & Oblique Rays of Sun, Direct & Radiant Heat, Global Winds, Equivalent Ratios, Transforming Squares into Trinomials, Squaring on Graph paper,  Suffixes, Prefixes, Root Words, Temporal Clauses, and the Reflexive Quality of the Verb. A group of students presented their research on Cows and we have other presentations in the works. 


Every February 14th we celebrate Arizona’s birthday by doing some research on Arizona and presenting their information.  This year, some students have decided to continue on with this tradition and will be choosing their research topics soon.  

DATES TO REMEMBER:                  

2/12                           Early Release

2/15                           No School-President’s Day


2/2                             Ben Jones

2/10                           Logan Gosewisch

2/13                           Ms. Erika 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I can be reached via Gold Note or email (Shahnaz@keystonemontessori.com).