Coyotes- 1st December Update

Dear Coyotes Families,


It was such a pleasure to see you all at our Fall Potluck at the Park.  We were glad to be able to spend a part of the holiday season with all of you!  Thanks for all the delicious Noodle dishes & PIE!!  


We have several research projects going on, including Security, “A Secret Research” France, Rocks, The Earth, Marvel, Horses & Riding, Technology, and The Purpose of Life.  We have had lessons on Writing Cause & Effect Essays, Possessive Nouns, Writing Business Letters, Topic Sentences & Main Ideas, Highest Common Factors, Converting Fractions to Decimals, Finding Percentages, Simple & Compound Leaves, Parts of a Woody Stem, How Air Insulates, and The Reflexive Quality of the Verb.  The students are also working on their holiday research to get ready for our Celebrations Around the World presentations.


The group researching Thailand presented their information and cooked the class a delicious lunch of Chicken Pad Thai, and Sticky Rice with Mangoes for dessert.



In the spirit of global harmony, the Coyotes will be learning about, celebrating, and honoring many different holidays during this season of celebrating.  Small groups of students will be researching holidays and will present their research to their peers along with a traditional game or craft, a food to share, and items to display.  We culminate the presentations with a Celebrations Around the World Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange.  The schedule of presentations is listed below:


12/14             Kwanzaa & Eid

12/17             Chinese New Year & St. Nicholas Day

12/18             Omisoka & Epiphany

12/19             Christmas & St. Lucia Day

12/20             Diwali & Boxing Day

12/ 21            Celebrations Around the World Party & White Elephant Exchange*


*For the party, students can bring a food or drink to share. The class will provide hot chocolate & candy canes J



The idea behind the gift exchange is just to have a fun time, so please send in 

a wrapped gift with a monetary value of no more than $5.00. The more creative the

students are, the more fun it is!  If you have something lying around your house that

would be a good white elephant gift, please use it.  If you have any questions

regarding the gift exchange or the party, please contact me.



We are still looking for someone to care for our animals (Cinnamon, our Crested Gecko, our birds, and our rats) over break.  If the animals could be picked up on Thursday, 12/20, we would greatly appreciate it!



We need 16 oz jars for a class project.  If you have any at home, please send them in.  We need 30 and wide mouth are preferred!



12/14                         Kwanzaa & Eid Presentations

12/17                         Chinese New Year & St. Nicholas Day presentations

12/18                         Omisoka & Epiphany Presentations

12/19                         Christmas & St. Nicholas Day Presentations

12/20                         Diwali & Boxing Day

12/21                         Celebrations Around the World Party/White Elephant Gift Exchange/Early Release


Happy Birthday:

12/15                         Ryder L.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I can be reached via Gold Note or email (





Brandon, Jackson, Theo, Ryan, Ryder, & Jax with their delicious Chicken Pad Thai.

Brandon, Jackson, Theo, Ryan, Ryder, & Jax with their delicious Chicken Pad Thai.


Marianna & Josh measuring the circumference of a very large circle!

Marianna & Josh measuring the circumference of a very large circle! 


Theo, exhausted from reading!

Theo, exhausted from reading!