Hummingbirds- 1st February Update

Dear Hummingbird Parents;


“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”

                                                                                                Carlos Santana

The month of February is upon us, as a reminder we do not do Valentine’s Day within our environment. But the talk of peace, love and friendship is always a good topic. We embrace it in this month as well as model it all year long. 



            For the month of February, we will be making a pasta salad as our snack. It will consist of:  tri-color Rotini pasta, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers and a hint of Italian dressing. 

The older children will be given a lesson on using a peeler. They will be peeling the cucumbers and then cutting them into pieces. They will continue practicing their cutting skills with the peppers. These hand motor skills are extremely important. It shows them the capabilities of two hands working together, eye-hand coordination, and the power of their own strength. 

We are instilling in them that “They Can” do these things. 


Grace & Courtesy

From time to time, there are several energy roller coasters that occur within our class. The child that once walked very quietly is now running inside, as another throws materials on the floor or others push pass friends to get to something fast.  We want to make sure that our freedom and limits are staying consistent and that our manners have not left us. It is very important to continue modeling: patience, taking turns, using please, thank you, excuse me, can I, may I, to respect each-others personal space and bodies.

Our children look to us and learn from us. The way we talk on the phone, the way we walk, drive, dress, treat others, and most important the way we talk and treat them. They are always listening and watching even when we don’t think they are. It is important to keep that in mind and model our best Grace & Courtesy. Be kind to the world and the world will be kind to you. 



            We have been practicing diligently how to properly cover our mouths when coughing, wiping our noses, and washing our hands with soap and water. It is very important to keep modeling and practicing this at home. As well as giving the children enough rest if they are not feeling well. We want for our children to stay healthy and avoid spreading germs to everyone that is around.  


Outdoor Environment

             We would love to start planting colorful flowers in our garden pots outside. It is the perfect time to plant fresh flowers and have our outdoor environment looking beautiful. The children will love being able to bring out the watering cans again and start using our water tank that it is in our outdoor environment. Please have your child pick a flower to bring to class to plant. 


These are the items need:

  • Soil bags
  • Bright colored flowers
    • That withstand full sun
  • Lavender




As our young children grow and become more aware of their needs and wants, their ego becomes to form as well. You may notice it more when the “No” becomes a part of their vocabulary and it is said in every sentence and for everything. This is their Ego-Formation. The child is becoming aware that they are different than the adults around him/her and that he has a voice of his own. During this time, it is crucial we do not get into a power struggle with our child. We need to be careful on how we phrase things, giving them options and choices instead of orders and commands.

 They need to feel like they are in control of their own choices without over stepping boundaries. Giving them specific tasks or works around the house makes them feel needed and that they are contributing to the family.  Within your daily conversations try and avoid using the word “no”, when it is not a great DANGER and not necessarily needed. Think of different ways to make your point across. The less they hear it the less they will say it. If we overuse the word “no” it will lose its purposeful meaning. We are the mirrors; our behavior reflects in their character. 


“Peace begins with a smile”

                                    Mother Theresa


Thank you for all your support,

Ms. Wendy & Ms. Torie