Hummingbirds - January Update

!!Welcome 2019!!


I hope everyone had a good and safe winter break and enjoyed the holidays. I am very happy to be back with the children. They are transitioning into the routine smoothly.  

            We welcomed a new friend this month: Brianna Posner. We are all excited to see our environment grow.




            For the month of January, we will be having Maple syrup oatmeal with berries. Each child will have the opportunity to get a lesson on how to make their own oatmeal bowl. The children will have a chance to make it in the morning and if they are extended care they will once again practice these skills in the afternoon.



            In addition to our snack we will be baking Banana Bread. Baking is a loved food preparation activity the children enjoy. Our older children receive the lesson and our younger ones learn thru observation.  It evokes concentration, two hands working together, hand-eye coordination, following a sequence of steps and self-control. These are skills the child will only learn, thru the experiences he is free to have in the environment.


Care of Self

We will be revisiting our Hand Washing, Wiping Nose, and how to cover mouths when coughing lessons. With the cold/flu season still upon us, illness can spread rapidly in our community. To keep everyone healthy and not spread any germs, please continue to practice these skills at home with your child.

In addition, please keep allowing your child to dress and undress him/herself, with the least amount of adult intervention. We are here to help them in their path towards growth but we must allow them to be free in order to achieve independence.



            As our children continue to grow and explore, their body awareness is still in progress. Their balance may be off and they can be bumping into everything without even noticing that something or someone is there. They do not mean to do this on purpose it is solely they cannot judge the distance between their body and that object. Giving the child something slightly heavy to carry with both hands across a distance helps them become aware of their balance and sense of space. Allowing them to move outdoors when needed is of great importance to exercise and strengthen their muscles.


Date to Remember


Montessori Journey

Friday January 25th 6pm

Saturday January 26th 9am-1pm


Thank You,


Mrs. Wendy & Ms. Torie