Hummingbirds- 2nd December Update

Dear Hummingbird Families;


“True happiness brings more richness than all the money in the world.”



**Friendly Reminder** 


         During this time, it is easy to get so busy with planning out of town trips, having family over and doing a lot of shopping that we might see past the true needs of our children. As much excitement this might bring to them it also affects their sense of routine, order, and self control. During this holiday season, let us always remember to take a moment to breath, slow down and be present for our children when they are feeling uneasy or overwhelmed. Our children are in most need of our:








Environment Highlights 


            We have received our new Climbing Dome playground structure. Thank you to Nathan Claussen, Tanner and Hudson for putting it together! We are so excited and the children have absolutely loved it!

            We have presented the rules of our climbing dome: Two hands at all times, one friend per side (so as to not step on fingers or kick). An observation has been made about shoes. Please have your children wear proper outdoor shoes with tread on the soles. Shoes that are flat and smooth bottoms slide off the bars of our climbing dome.  


Toilet Learning

            We have seen a change in the children when it comes to our bathroom routine. Our once independent children are having difficulty remembering what to do. 

At the beginning of underwear transition we tell the children at every hour to use the bathroom. It is part of our classroom routine.  Once they have become successful hourly reminders are not needed. We invite them to the bathroom during major transitions: from outside to inside, after lunch and before and after nap time. The next stage is no reminders at all, in preparation for Children’s House where the Guides will not be reminded the children to use the bathroom. 

           Holiday seasons can and do play a huge role in any change of behavior. Please observe if at home there is anything that can cause them to want a little more attention from us adults or if there has been a shift in day- night time routines. 

We are presenting Self Care Lessons to ALL our children. Our older children are also experiencing natural consequences. When invited to the bathroom if they do not go and then have wet clothes, that is the consequence. We do not tell them step by step what to do next for the clean-up process. We stay by their side and have them process what is needed to do next. 

           It is important that we allow them to Tell us what is needed to do and how to do it. They are learning how to care for their bodies. 


Half Day Friday

            December 21stis a school wide Half Day with a 12:00 dismissal. No extended care is available on this day. We will be joining our Keystone Community for our Winter Solstice ceremony in the gym followed by our Holiday Treat preparation!

No lunch will be had on this day. We will gather for a group snack plus our Holiday treats.  


Winter Break

            Childcare for winter break will be in our Hummingbird environment not in the Agave class. Snack will remain our fruit salad: Kiwis, Pears and Pomegranate. 


Wishing everyone safe travels, and Happy Holidays!! See you in the New Year!!



Ms. Wendy & Ms. Torie


Our Toddlers enjoying the new climbing dome.

Our Toddlers enjoying the new climbing dome.


The link between enviornment and children. Concentration at its finest.

The link between environment and children. Concentration at its finest.