Hummingbirds- 1st December Update

Hello Hummingbird Families,


I hope your Thanksgiving break was filled with love and laughter. During this time of year, with the holidays near, and everyone planning trips or expecting family over our home lives tend to be “rush, rush, rush”. Please take the time to slow down and keep constant communication with your child. It can be overwhelming for our little ones not knowing what is going on around them and why their routine and order is not there. Let them know you are there for them and love them always. 


Be patient and understanding if sudden tantrum bursts happen out of nowhere. It is important to acknowledge their different emotions, and not ignore them. They are growing very quickly and they do not understand or know how to respond with how they are feeling adequately. Keeping your limits and boundaries consistent and clear will help them through this process. It gives them a frame of reference for self-control and respect. 


“They usually lash our because they don’t yet have the capacity to regulate their emotional states and control their impulses.” 

-Daniel Siegel M.D



Our children continue receiving their Care of Self lesson with “taking off” and “putting on” a jacket or sweater. This is a “Big” work for them and they feel great joy when they can accomplish it on their own. Some of our children have found a great interest in their zipper and constantly work on trying to “zip up” and “zip down” their jackets. The amount of concentration, focus, and dedication that is seen through this process is amazing. 


Dressing and undressing themselves is a huge part of their development as they work towards independence. Please continue to give them the time and space to dress themselves. Their shirts might be inside out, their pants end up backwards and their shoes on the opposite foot. But the expression of pure joy and pride on their faces is priceless! Let's not rob them of this accomplishment. 


When we make the comments of: “you put your shoes on the wrong feet” or “your shirt is on the wrong way” we are sending them a negative message that all their hard work was WRONG. If they keep hearing that they are doing it wrong, they are going to give up all together and stop trying to do things on their own. We can always find a window of opportunity where we can suggest “practicing” how to dress and undress in a positive way. 


We are sending all of their extra clothes home. Please check their clothes and bring back weather appropriate attire to keep in their cubbies. Most of their clothes was summer outfits and some of them have outgrown certain items. 


If they are wearing a heavy jacket or sweater to school, please make sure they are wearing a light long sleeve underneath. When the children come inside the classroom for their work cycle we take off the heavy jackets and put them away. They cannot move accordingly and do all the works properly if a big puffy jacket is in the way. 



The children have really enjoyed baking muffins, so we will continue baking as part of our December snack. It creates a wonderful opportunity for a Language presentation when our younger children sit and observe our older ones baking. 


Our baking item will be Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  

They will also be preparing a fruit salad: kiwis, pears, and pomegranate. 


“The charm of social life is in the number of different types that one meets.”                              Montessori, Maria. 



Social Development

We often ask ourselves if our children are being social and if they are making friends. We may find ourselves with these concerns and ask is our child happy? Do they have friends? Society today has put a lot of pressure on “social development” they have categorized people in groups from being antisocial to being too sociable. But one does not have to have many people around us in order to be happy. We have to like ourselves, trust our environment, and be part of the community. If we feel self-secure about ourselves first, we can be happy with one friend or a 100. Social behavior is not developed by how many people you talk to or how many friends you make. Social development is formed from concentration. 


Maria Montessori created an environment suited for children of mixed ages. A place where the material in the environment calls to the child’s specific need. An environment where the children are mixed within 3-year age difference. The young can learn from the old and the older cared for the young. The children in the environment are learning from each other. They have the opportunity to make mistakes and correct them themselves without adult intervention. The guide must be a passive observer and allow the child to solve his or her own problems. Too often the adult intervenes when they think a child cannot perform a task. And by doing this you are sending the same message, that they “cannot do it by themselves.” The children in the environment help one another when it is truly needed. If a child drops a vase by accident the children run quickly to the child’s side seeing the overwhelm look in the child’s eyes. They explain that it is ok and it can be fixed. If another child is carrying something heavy and the effort is seeing on his face no one helps, they respect each other enough to give them the space allowed to perform their task. The children in the environment are aware of each child and their individual needs. Helping them when needed and leaving them alone when they need their space. 


As said before, social life does not depend on how often you talk to someone. It is the construction of self that comes before. To become a social being the child needs to act independently and to be able to concentrate. 


“But what is social life if not the solving of social problems, behaving properly and pursuing aims acceptable to all?

                                                         Montessori, Maria. 


We all need social interaction to develop it is how we attain our social skills that determine whether we will develop properly or not.  We must keep in mind that children need to be around other children of different ages and not be put in groups of all the same or be left alone. We learn from others as the child learns from his companions. Through his work in the environment he is able to concentrate, respect his friends and interact with one another when help is necessary. The child is learning how to have grace and courtesy, how to work independently, make his own choices, and solve his own problems. By giving them the prepared environment we are aiding them in their social development. 


Community Reminders:


Starting Monday Dec. 3rd our end of day will be in our Hummingbird Environment. The children will no longer be in the Agave class. 


Half Day for All

Friday Dec. 21st---12 noon Pick Up

No Childcare available

No Lunch on this day


Extended Care Available

Wednesday December 26th- Friday 28th

Wednesday January 2nd– 4thth


School is Closed

Monday and Tuesday December 24th-25th

Monday and Tuesday December 31st-January 1st 



Thank you for your continuous support, 

Ms. Wendy & Ms. Torie