January Update

Happy New Year to all, and we wish you the best for 2021!




We are very excited to add new language materials to our shelves. The children are thrilled to learn more and more words in English and Spanish every day. We added new language cards: insects and items around the classroom. We have new language objects: personal care items (toothbrush, hairbrush, towel, comb, and toothpaste) and jungle animals. 


As we welcomed new friends to our environment this month, we focus on Grace & Courtesy lessons, especially at the playground. We talk to the children about “making safe choices” while playing outside. We talk about being nice to each other and respecting each other’s bodies. We focus on creating a “Yes you can!” environment. 


What is a “Yes you can!” environment? It is an environment that allows exploration within limits. (As discussed in our classroom meeting). When we observe children making “unsafe choices” while exploring, i.e., climbing on tables, hiding under tables and kicking them, sliding down face first, dropping their bodies on the ground for fun, etc. Instead of ‘forbidding’ this exploration, we give them “Yes you can!” alternatives. This is the language that we use: “Oh… I see you want to run; in the classroom, we walk, you can run outside, let’s go!” “Let me show where you can climb,” “Let me show how we sit properly at the table,” “This is where you can jump and drop your body safely,” etc. 


Creating this “Yes you can!” environment helps the children to understand and respect boundaries. We encourage you to create a “Yes you can!” environment at home and have a conversation about safety with your young toddler!


Montessori Journey 


We have a fantastic opportunity for your family to get to know the Montessori Method closely and at all levels!


This year, our exceptional Admin team reimagined how this event is usually done and has created a virtual experience for all of you. You will receive a video of the environments at each of the levels to watch prior to the live presentations. You will be amazed by the simplicity with which materials were created to aid the students to develop (not just to learn) complex academic concepts in every age group environment (from toddlers to adolescents). Experienced Montessori guides will Zoom in to give you lessons and presentations on the materials and to have your questions answered.


Please join us on Saturday, January 30th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for the live presentation experience. This activity is FREE and it is highly recommended to watch the video before joining the presentations on Saturday. RSVP on SchoolCues or email Ms. Heather at heather@keystonemontessori.com. 


“This is education, understood as a help to life; an education from birth, which feeds a peaceful revolution and unites all in a common aim, attracting them as to a single center. Mothers, fathers, politicians: all must combine in their respect and help for this delicate work of formation, which the little child carries on in the depth of a profound psychological mystery, under the tutelage of an inner guide. This is the bright new hope for mankind.” 

(The Absorbent Mind, p. 15)


We hope to see you there!                                                                                                                                         Ms. Lidia, Ms. Silvia Ms. Rosario