2nd November Update

Dear Agave Families:

The children are enjoying the cool weather and we take advantage of that by taking nature walks and spending extra time in our outdoor environment.


The children are having group snack in the morning and afternoon. They choose if they want to eat inside or outside. The children wash their hands very well with soap and water and the teacher prepares the snack for them and put them in individual bowls. The children get a placemat, put it on a table, and then get a bowl and enjoy the snack. 

The menu this month is:

·       Morning: half banana, 2 tbs of blueberries, 2 tbsp of honey nut cheerios.

·       Afternoon: one mandarin, 2tbsp of blueberries, 2 tbsp of honey nut cheerios. 

The skill we are practicing this month is “peeling”. The children are learning how to peel the banana and the mandarin. 


This month we brought new language works to our classroom to respond to the interest of the children.  This is how our language shelf looks now:

Real Objects

1.     Different kind of squash: pie pumpkin, pumpkin, honey nut squash, acorn squash

Spanish: calabaza de tarta, calabaza, calabaza de castilla, ayote

2.     Seasonal vegetables: Zucchini, Sweet potato, Yukon gold potato, corn, carrot

 Spanish: calabacín, camote, papa, maiz, zanahoria

3.     Musical Instruments: Rain stick, jingle bells, triangle, tambourine, gourd

Spanish: palo de Lluvia, cascabeles, triángulo, pandero, tecomate

Replica Objects

·       Things around the house: toilet, sink cabinet, couch, plant, mirror, basket, fireplace

Spanish: inodoro, lavamanos, sofa, planta, espejo, canasta, chimenea

·       Rain gear: umbrella, rain boots, raincoat, leggings

Spanish: paraguas, botas de lluvia, gabardina, licra

Nomenclature cards

·       Autumn vocabulary: maple leaves, pumpkin, corn, acorns, wheatsheaf

Spanish: hojas de arce, calabaza, maíz, bellotas, trigo

·       Flowers: Chrysanthemum, sunflower, carnation, rose, marigold, and African daisies

Spanish: crisantemo, girasol, clavel, rosa, caléndula, margaritas africanas

·       Emotions: happy, sad, scared, surprised, silly, and angry 

Spanish: feliz, triste, asustado, sorprendido, chistoso, enojado


Matching object to picture

·       Primates: gorilla, lemur, orangutan, chimpanzee

Spanish: gorila, lémur, orangután, chimpance

·       Forest Animals: bear, bald eagle, deer, moose, fox, wolf, gnu & bison

Spanish: oso, águila, venado, alce, zorro, lobo, ñu, bisonte


·       Real Tools: screwdriver, level, wrench, measuring tape, flashlight 

Spanish: destornillador, nivel, llave inglesa, metro, linterna

Group language lessons are delivered daily in both English and Spanish and the children love them so much! They require us to have more and more language works as the explosion of language is part of this age development. 

Fall Feast/Picnic

Due to Covid-19 protocols, we cannot cook a meal this year. Instead, the children will have a picnic lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 24th to join our society in the spirit of giving thanks, sharing, collaborating, and gathering festivities that are celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. On this day, please pack a picnic lunch and feel free to pack a seasonal lunch, such as turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin bread, etc. 

Important Dates:


·       Tuesday, Nov.  24th  Fall picnic for students. Children need to bring a picnic lunch on that day.


·       Wednesday, 25th – Friday, 27th   Thanksgiving break. School is closed. No extended care provided. Enjoy this time with your family!


·       Monday, Nov. 30th  School Resumes


Thank you,

Mrs. Lidia, Ms. Silvia & Ms. Rosario