1st November Update

Dear Parents,

Our Raffle Basket and Auction Project are looking gorgeous! Thank you to all of you for your kind contribution and to our Key Parents; Julia Valenti and Farai Mutamba for doing the extra work to make this a great success!

Classroom Observation & Parents-Teacher Conference

Calendars have been posted in our sign-in table, please make sure you sing up in the day that best works for you.

I will send you a reminder the day prior your meeting and will include my Zoom info. If you cannot make it in the day you have chosen, please email Ms. Lidia in advance. 

Any questions, please email directly to Ms. Lidia.

Outdoor Environment

We are done with the first part of our Gardening Project. The children planted their flowers in pots and are now learning how to take care of them. We have showed them how we “watch with our eyes”, “smell with our nose” while having our “hand behind out back”. They children are also learning the name of the flowers in both, English and Spanish. 

We also show the children how to properly hold a broom and sweep so we keep our outdoor environment clean and looking beautiful.

Our next step is to paint little bird houses and we hang them up in our Palo Verde Tree! 

Autumn/Winter Clothes

As the weather has changed and our mornings are getting cold, we understand the need of using heavy jackets in the morning. However, your child will be asked to take the jacket off when being inside the classroom. Our classrooms are heated, and they will not be cold inside. Please avoid using sweaters as shirts as they become an obstacle for your children movement when they work in the classroom. We kindly request that the children wear a light long sleeve shirt underneath their sweaters/jackets/coats and please make sure the sleeves are not too tight as they will need to pull them up when washing their hands (especially during this time, we’re washing hands a lot!) or working with water. 

Please, be kindly reminded about labeling your child’s jackets/sweaters/coats. We are not responsible for items being misplaced. 


Health and Hygiene

To keep our students healthy and clean we kindly request you to bring in boogie wipes. The children are learning how to wipe off their nose using tissues but sometimes that is not enough and here’s when the boogie wipes come in handy. Boogie wipes also have saline water which makes mucus easier to wipe away while remaining gentle enough on their skin and prevents irritations.


Fall Festival

“The Great Gatsby”

 Saturday, November 7th   from 3 – 8 p.m.

We would love to see all of the Agave Families attending the virtual Fall Festival, it is the biggest event at Keystone Montessori, we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun so don’t miss it!

We cannot wait to see who the big bidder will be for our Auction Project!


Thank you!

Ms. Lidia, Ms. Silvia & Ms. Rosario