Agaves- 1st March Update

Dear Agave Families:

We are very happy to welcome a new season: SPRING! We love spring as our flowers in our outdoor environment start to sprout, the weather is perfect to enjoy extra time outside, and we take advantage of it by having picnic style snack and lunch occasionally. 

Outdoor Environment

The children had been given lessons on how to take care of our outdoor environment, as they will be spending a longer time outdoors during Spring. We talk about how important it is to take care of nature, to carefully touch the leaves or flowers (not to pull them), and to touch the dirt and feel how wet it is in that way we don’t overwater our plants. 

This month, we will be introducing the names of the different flowers and plants we have in our environment as their interest has grown in this matter. It is very important to our children to understand that humans are not above nature, but are part of it. By taking care of the outdoor environment and the plants we have inside, they start understanding this concept and their role as care givers of our planet Earth. 


We will be having almond butter sandwich and fruit kabobs. One child will be in charge of cutting the sandwich bread in the shape of a flower and I will assist with toasting. Other children will also be in charge on cutting the fruits to make a small fruit kabob. Then, each child will take their piece of bread, spread almond butter on it, make their own fruit kabob, and enjoy and healthy and yummy snack. I will let you now how they like the new menu!

Classroom Meeting

As you already know, I was very fortunate to assist the AMI (Association Montessori International) Refresher Course in New Orleans. The conference topic was “The Child’s Place in Time” and I will be sharing more about it in our next classroom meeting. It will be the last classroom meeting of the school year and your presence is greatly encouraged. Please, save the date in your calendar: Tuesday, March 19thfrom 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., child care will be provided.

Important Dates:

Agave Families Potluck -- Wednesday, March 6thfrom 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. It will be lovely to have you all there!

Spring Break -- March 11th– 15th Extended Care provided for those enrolled in All year/All day program 

Spring Pictures -- Friday, March 29th  Please make sure your child arrives before 8:15 a.m. on that day as we always go first. Your child can wear a special outfit that day; please bring in extra clothes so they can change their outfit after the picture is taken.

Thank you!

Ms. Lidia