Agaves- 1st February Update

“Love is more than the electricity which lightens our darkness, more than the etheric waves that transmit our voices across space, more than any of the energies that man has discovered and learned to use. Of all things love is the most potent. All that men can do with their discoveries depends on the conscience of him who uses them. But this energy of love is given us so that each shall have it in himself”

Maria Montessori

Dear Agave Families:

The second month of the year is here already! Where is the time going? The children have been enjoying themselves around the environment; it looks like each of them have found their own flow in our classroom.  

We had the opportunity to host two observers in our class these past two weeks. Ms. Anazasi and Ms. Pily from the ‘Assistant to Infancy’ Assistants Training. They truly enjoyed observing the children, they shared with me that they could observe peace, independence, and love for learning in our environment. The children did great having two adults observing in the class, the routine was as smooth as usual and they were not distracted. This is a huge sign of self-control for toddlers! 

We kindly remind you that we do not celebrate Valentine’s in our environment, no treats need to be brought to our classroom on that day.  Love is part of our environment all year round, not only in this time of the year, we talk about how our society celebrates love during this month and we join celebrating this tradition by: 

  • Reading books about peace and love
  • Singing songs about peace and love
  • Baking and having a special snack together 

Maria Montessori had a vision for cosmic education and in our classroom, we cultivate opportunities for children to develop not only love for the self but love for humankind and earth. By preparing snack for their friends, sharing something they have baked, watering the plants to keep them alive and beautiful, cleaning up their classroom, taking care of their materials, etc.,  they can live and fulfill Montessori’s cosmic plan, “in which all, consciously or unconsciously, serve the Great Purpose of life” (Montessori, To Educate the Human Potential)


This month snack will be “Guacamole, rice cakes and edamame”.  The children will be making their own guacamole, will spread it on a rice cake, will take out the beans out of the pod and will sprinkle them on their rice cake. Yummy!

Clothes and Shoes

We highly suggest you to make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothes when coming to school. Keep in mind that they are moving all day, running, jumping, etc. Clothes and shoes need to be comfortable and easy for them to put on/take off by themselves with minimal adult intervention.

Please avoid:

  • Flat shoes  
  • Sandals
  • Crocs
  • Light up shoes
  • Long ruffle dresses 
  • Jeans (for children who are in toileting learning process)
  • Necklaces or any kind of jewelry
  • Slip on shoes (unless they can put them on by themselves)
  • Tight long sleeve shirt (they need to be able to pull them up by themselves)

We highly suggest:

  • Shoes with arch support
  • Sneakers with Velcro fasteners/straps
  • Sweatpants
  • Shift dresses
  • Shoes with heel support
  • Leggings
  • Loose long sleeves


Please help us to keep our students safe while enjoying themselves in our outdoor environment!