Agaves- 1st December Update

Dear Agave Families:

Our Thanksgiving get-together was a great success. The children enjoyed chopping the fruit for their fruit salad to share with the Hummingbird classroom. 

Baking and Snack

Cold mornings have started, so we have begun baking “Zucchini Bread Mini Muffins”, it keeps our classroom warm and smelling so good!  We are going to change our recipe for the month of December and will be baking “Orange Cranberry Bread”.

This month our snack menu will be turkey rolls, hard boiled eggs, and cucumber. I’ll keep you posted on how the children like this snack and will send you pictures of them preparing it, so they can also do it at home. 

Winter Clothes

As the weather has changed drastically and our mornings are cold, we understand the need for heavy jackets in the morning. However, your child will be asked to take the jacket off when being inside the classroom. Our classrooms are heated, and they will not be cold inside. Please avoid using sweaters as shirts as they become an obstacle for your children movement when they work in the classroom. We kindly request that the children wear a light long sleeve shirt underneath their sweaters/jackets/coats and please make sure the sleeves are not too tight as they will need to pull them up when washing their hands or working with water. 


A number of holidays begin with the arrival of winter. As the days grow shorter and nights grow longer, many cultures celebrate light. We provide students with impressionistic lessons that reinforce the idea that people around the world have distinctive yet similar celebrations. The children retain the joy of holiday celebrations as they learn about a variety of cultural observances. Learning about the holidays of different cultures embraces the Montessori principals of inclusion and peace and helps students understand that celebrations have had a great significance to people throughout time and across all cultures.

Holidays are a way that people come together to worship that which they hold dear, to rejoice, and usually to feast with their community and families. It is wonderful to be different and honor what is unique about each culture and person, we celebrate our humanity together. We share with the children these traditions by showing them pictures, singing songs, reading books and sharing recipes.

Book Exchange/ End of the Year Celebrations

We will be sharing (Ms. Mia & Ms. Lidia) our own family/cultural traditions with the children. 

Every year, Ms. Lidia shares her mom’s “Fruit Punch” recipe and you will be requested to collaborate by bringing a fruit. We will be cooking this on Friday, December 14th. On Monday, Dec. 10thyou will find a sign up sheet on our board for you to choose what fruit you will bring. This has become a tradition in our classroom, all children have loved this fruit punch and we always have left overs to take home!

If you have a family tradition or recipe you would like to share with us, please contact Ms. Lidia.

Friday, December 21st“Book Exchange/ End of the Year Party”

On that day, children will have a picnic style snack and we will break a piñata! It is a fun activity we get to do once a year. We also show our appreciation to each other with our book exchange activity. 

On Thursday, Dec. 20th  each family needs to bring a book, wrapped and with only your child’s name written on the label. For the activity, your child will get a paper from a jar that will have the picture of a friend and your child will give the book that he/she brought to that child. 

What kind of books should we bring?

We kindly suggest looking for the following characteristics when buying a book for this activity.

  • Real pictures or as real as possible
  • No fantasy, princesses, superheroes or animals/objects talking 
  • Look for books that aid your child on learning new words
  • Books with simple sentences
  • Avoid books with long sequences
  • Fairy tales and long stories are not recommended for this age as they cannot follow through a long sequence of events

If you have any question, please let Ms. Lidia know.

Thank you so much.

Ms. Lidia & Ms. Mia

Toddler Community Fall Feast.

Toddler Community Fall Feast.

Wesley enjoys his soup.

Wesley enjoys his soup.

Siena enjoying her soup.

Siena enjoying her soup.

Ian and Raiden enjoying their soup.

Ian and Raiden enjoying their soup.