Agaves- 2nd November Update

Dear Agave Families:

This month we brought new language work to our classroom to respond to the interest of the children.  This is how our language shelf looks at the moment:

Real Objects:

  • Different Kinds of Squash: Mini pumpkin, acorn squash, butternut squash, delicata squash, pie pumpkin and zucchini.
  • Different kinds of Nuts (in the shell): Walnut, chestnut, almond, pecan.

The children can manipulate the objects, feel the texture, weight and sizes.

Nomenclature cards:

  • Birds: hummingbird, flamingo, peacock, cardinal, dove, bald eagle, parrot, quail.  
  • Trucks: bulldozer, dump truck, cane truck, excavator, cement mixer, back hoe.

Children love to classify their environment and we are aiding that need by giving them more vocabulary.


This month snack is “Overnight oats and fruit” and has been a great success! It is very easy to make, children can do it without help because there’s no specific order to mix the ingredients. They prepare this snack independently and get very creative when putting the toppings on the oats.

Overnight Oats


  • 1 cup of thick old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 ½ cup of milk of your choice
  • 1 tbsp of pure maple syrup (other options: raw honey, date syrup, coconut sugar)
  • 1 tsp of 100% pure vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp of nutmeg 


Here’s is where you can get creative, some ideas:

  • Fresh raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Mashed ripe banana for sweetness
  • Cacao nibs
  • Dried Coconut Shavings
  • Ground flaxseeds
  • Strawberries
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almond/Peanut butter 
  • Cinnamon

In our class we specifically used strawberries, blueberries, and we introduced a seasonal fruit: persimmons. We also add a sprinkle of cinnamon!


  1. In a food container with a tight-fitting lid add all the above ingredients. Ensure the oats are fully covered (immersed) in liquid so that you don’t end up with crunchy, raw bits.  Mix well & cover with a lid.
  2. Refrigerate overnight or for at least 3 hours prior to eating.
  3. Add any toppings you’d like and Voila, your breakfast/snack is ready!

Easy, healthy, yummy… Try it at home and enjoy!


Important Dates:


  • Tuesday, November 20th - Fall Feast for students only. Children do not need to bring a lunch box on that day.


  • Wednesday, November 21st _ Friday, 23rd  Thanksgiving break. School is closed. No extended care provided. Enjoy this time with your family!


  • Monday, November 26th - School resumes.


  • Friday, Dec. 21st Early Release, No Extended Care provided. Please make sure you pick your child no later than 12:00 p.m., 11:45 highly recommended.


  • Monday, Dec. 24th– Tuesday, Dec. 25th  School Closed. No extended care provided.


  • Wednesday, Dec. 26th– 28th No school, extended care provided. Lead teachers are not at school, assistant teachers will take of the children.


  • Monday, Dec. 21st– Tuesday, Jan. 1st School Closed. No extended care provided.


  • Wednesday, Jan 2nd– Friday, Jan 4th No school, extended care provided. Lead teachers are not at school, assistant teachers will take of the children.


Thank you!


Ms. Lidia & Ms. Mia