Scorpions - August Update

The school year has started off on a great note. The children are working hard and creating relationships with each other and their teachers. I am looking forward to a wonderful year with everyone!


As a reminder next week we have our Parent Volunteer Training on Tuesday the 21st at 6 pm and fall pictures on Friday the 24th.  If you wish to volunteer for the Scorpions classroom and it’s your first year you need to attend along with having a fingerprint clearance card. 


We will be celebrating all of our August birthday’s next week. Please remember to have your child bring in a photo for each year of life so they can create a timeline along with the ingredients needed for their recipe. We will send home a reminder with the date and ingredients needed. 


Here’s a look at some of the children at work.


Kiara working on her job application for the classroom.

Liam and Hin making polygons with the box of sticks.

Liberty helping Mia with her multiplication on the large bead frame.

Antonio and Brenden making more 9 bars for their large multiplication work on the checkerboard.