Red- Tailed Hawks March Update

Welcome to March Red-tailed Hawk Families!


It's hard to believe that Spring Break is right around the corner, but it is! This is a wonderful time of year. We get to work outside, lessons and follow-up works are in full-swing, and there is a lot of concentrated, deep study in the classroom. Currently we have a lot of geometry and interdependencies lessons happening. Several students are studying polygons, with some of them concentrating quadrilaterals, while others are studying the parts and Latin/Greek roots of polygon names. Perimeter and Area of polygons is an ongoing work as well. Our older students have finished up on their persuasive essays and will be beginning written responses soon. Some of our younger students have been learning about 1st and 3rd person writing, and are now exploring editing and revising written work. Input/output boxes and sum/difference/product work is also very popular right now.


In other news, thank you for being so flexible with our hiking schedule last month. The crazy weather has kept us on our toes! We have one more make-up hike, which will take place on Tuesday, March 7th. The time will be approximately 9:00-12:30. We will be having LUNCH AT THE TRAILHEAD, so please have your student pack a (disposable) sack lunch, which is "self-contained" and does not need to be reheated. A permission slip specifically for that hike will be sent through School Cues soon (due to the change of date, a new permission slip must be signed, even if the original one was signed previously).


When we return from spring break, the Hawks will begin working on our annual Classroom Movie (in place of a play). We will begin by selecting a Movie theme or plot before the break. Then, we will create a screenplay, hold auditions, and begin rehearsals. We will most likely begin shooting scenes in the beginning of April. Some scenes will be "off-site" aka, "on-location". A permission slip for any on-location filming will be sent home prior to the date. Our movie premier will be held the evening of Thursday, April 20th at 6:00pm and will be followed by a small cast party. Please be sure to save the date!


On Tuesday, March 21, we will be having our classroom meeting. The topic will be the year-end trips. If your student is in 3rd grade, your attendance is extremely important. I also encourage parents of other age students to attend, so that you have information on what the year-end trip entails, and what future trips may look like.


Thank you all for your continued support and dedication to Keystone. Have a wonderful, safe spring break!


In peace and appreciation,

Mrs. Amie


P.S. Please enjoys some of the pictures from our past hikes!